The Truth About Dropshipping: Is it Sustainable?


TLDR: The speaker shares insights on the challenges of dropshipping primarily lack of control over customer experience, competition, and the risk of getting shut down and also offers alternate strategies for successful and sustainable ecommerce.

Dropshipping Insights

Understanding Dropshipping

💡Dropshipping is a way to start making money online.

The Challenges of Traditional Dropshipping

📦 Most traditional dropshipping stores don’t excel in providing great customer experience.
❗Traditional dropshipping stores are at high risk of being overtaken by competitors.
😬 High levels of dropshipping can lead to shutdown by payment processors due to chargeback issues.

Strategies for Building a Sustainable Ecommerce Business

✔️ Dropshipping can be used to identify the first winning product.
🧑‍💼 Building a long-term brand contributes towards sustainability and success.
🚚 Working with an agent to brand your product for better customer experience is crucial.
📊 Making custom content for advertising the branded product cuts costs and improves conversion rates.

Dropshipping Video Summary

00:00: 💼 The speaker shares their experience with dropshipping, stating that although it can be profitable, it is not a sustainable model for the long term. They mention that most dropshipping stores do not succeed due to providing poor customer experiences, citing lack of control over product quality and shipping times. They switched to a different approach generating seven-figure profits and are now on track to do over $2 million in sales without dropshipping. The speaker also intends to discuss their strategy and a friend’s experience, who has built a successful business on Shopify.
Key ideas:

  • Dropshipping can be a profitable startup but is not sustainable long term.
  • Poor customer experience due to lack of control over product quality and shipping logistics is a downfall of dropshipping.
  • The speaker has generated multiple seven figures and is projected to do over $2 million in sales without utilizing drop shipping.

01:29: 💻 The retailer featured in the video faced problems due to slow delivery times and low-quality products from AliExpress, resulting in their business failing. The lack of a competitive edge made it easy for others to steal their winning product. Furthermore, their use of dropshipping attracted negative attention from payment services such as PayPal and Shopify, due to high chargeback rates hurting their reputation. The retailer needed to improve their business model to ensure sustainable success.
Key ideas:

  • Negative customer reviews about slow delivery times and low-quality products resulted in the failure of the mentioned retailer’s business.
  • Due to the lack of uniqueness in their business model, others could easily replicate it and outcompete them.
  • The seller faced problems with PayPal and Shopify Payments as drop shipping at high volume led to numerous chargebacks, hurting the reputation of these platforms.

02:59: 💡 The speaker talks about the strategy of using drop shipping to identify a strong selling product and then transitioning into building a brand around that product. This strategy is in contrast to trying to maximize profits through dropshipping alone, which is not sustainable in the long run and can lead to merchants viewing you as an unsatisfactory client. Building a long-term brand after identifying a consistent seller is advocated as it leads to higher conversion rates, cheaper ad costs, more spending on the store, and repeat customers.
Key ideas:

  • Drop shipping can be effectively used to find a strong selling product.
  • Once a strong selling product is found, it is advisable to transition to building a brand around that product.
  • Maximizing profits through dropshipping alone is unsustainable in the long-term.
  • Building a brand around a product leads to benefits: higher conversion rates, cheaper ad costs, more spending on the store, and repeat customers.

04:28: 💰 The text is about transforming a drop shipping store into a brand, which led to a significant increase in revenue. Three steps are proposed: firstly, redesigning the store to focus solely on the primary product or similar ones. Examples of successful brands following this approach are provided. Secondly, working with a Chinese agent to brand the product and provide faster shipping. Lastly, the author has suggested watching a dedicated video on this topic.
Key ideas:

  • The author increased his revenue fivefold after transforming their drop shipping store into a brand.
  • The author surpassed over $100,000 a month in sales subsequent to this transformation.
  • In this process, the author redesigned his store to focus solely on a successful product or a suite of similar products.
  • Some brands have been successful in applying this approach, with both having large visitor numbers and generating millions in sales monthly.
  • Another step is to collaborate with an agent in China to brand products, ensure inventory, and offer expedited shipping.

05:54: 💰 The speaker discusses his transition from running a dropshipping store to building his own brand, which allowed him to earn more money over a longer period. He highlights three significant steps in his process; sourcing directly from the manufacturer, creating a customized branded product, and creating custom content for advertising, which remarkably reduced his advertising costs. He also mentions taking clean photos of their branded products to boost the conversion rate. These strategies set him apart from 99% of people selling the same product. Additionally, he mentions consulting with a successful friend, Davey, who has built a $250 million empire of e-commerce brands for advice.
Key ideas:

  • Sourcing directly from the manufacturer, creating a customized branded product, and creating custom content for advertising are key steps to transform a drop shipping store into a personalized brand.
  • Custom content for advertising reduced the speaker’s advertising cost by half.
  • Taking clear and attractive product photographs can improve conversion rates.
  • Following these strategies can differentiate a seller from 99% of competitors selling the same product.
  • A successful e-commerce expert named Davey built a $250 million empire of e-commerce brands on Shopify.

07:28: 💼 The speaker discusses their successful venture of acquiring direct consumer ecommerce businesses, generating 300 million dollars revenue in a few months. They encourage beginners to start with dropshipping as it incurs low cost and allows room for failure as part of a learning process. However, they caution against relying on dropshipping long-term, and instead recommend transitioning into branding and building a unique store. They suggest the key aspects of a successful brand are a unique, problem-solving product and excellent customer experience.
Key ideas:

  • Acquired direct consumer ecommerce businesses which generated 300 million dollars in revenue.
  • Recommended dropshipping for beginners due to its low risk nature.
  • Suggested the transition from dropshipping to building and branding a unique store.
  • Highlighted the importance of having a unique product and excellent customer service in successful branding.

09:03: 💡 The text discusses the importance of product improvement and competitive advantage in business. It highlights how understanding negative customer reviews can lead to product improvement and brand growth. It also mentions a YouTube channel, davey foggerty, which shares the process they go through, hard lessons, and failures in order to inspire others to build their own brands. The text implies that the channel just released four videos and plans to continue providing content.
Key ideas:

  • Product engineers or negative reviews can be used to improve a product or brand.
  • The speaker suggests using unique research and improvements to justify an increase in prices (margin).
  • davey foggerty YouTube channel is recommended as a source of inspiration and guidance on building a brand.

10:31: 🎉 The text is about the closing statement of a video on drop shipping. The speaker emphasizes the growth of their online community, approaching 100,000 subscribers. Upon reaching this milestone, a live stream and a giveaway event featuring free coaching calls, lifetime subscriptions to the speaker’s software, and hundreds of dollars in prizes will be held. The speaker encourages viewers to subscribe to the channel, praises the supportive community and announces a forthcoming live stream.
Key ideas:

  • The speaker’s community is close to reaching 100,000 subscribers.
  • A live stream and giveaway event will be hosted when the 100,000 subscribers milestone is reached.
  • The giveaway includes hundreds of dollars, free coaching calls, and lifetime subscriptions to the speaker’s software.
  • The speaker urges viewers to join the community by subscribing to the channel.

Dropshipping Q&A

What is the main advantage of dropshipping?

Dropshipping is an easy and low-risk way to start an online business, especially useful for finding the first winning product.

Why is traditional dropshipping not sustainable?

A few reasons include lack of quality control and delayed deliveries impacting customer experience, easy accessibility to competition and risk of being shut down by payment processes due to high chargebacks.

What strategy can one apply to transition from dropshipping to a sustainable business?

Once a winning product is found through dropshipping, the business should be transitioned to a long-term brand. This could include working with an agent for product branding and faster shipping, creating custom content for product endorsement and focusing on enhancing customer experience.


TLDR: The commenters are discussing various aspects related to dropshipping and online business, questioning the authenticity of the advice provided in the video, sharing personal experiences and seeking advice about building online businesses and brand. They also express skepticism about the video creator’s lifestyle given the poor quality of his equipment and space shown in the video.
Negative: The viewers showed mistrust towards online business ‘experts’ and course sellers, claiming that the information they provide might be misleading or overpromising. They also expressed dissatisfaction with the video due to lack of information about customer service routines, scalability and actual profits in online business.
Positive: Commenters appreciated the information provided in the video and find it highly informative. They also express gratitude to the creator for sharing knowledge and insights about online business and dropshipping.
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U said you were gonna leave your agent that you recommend in the Description. Cant find it so if u can leave it here would be great buddy. Keep up the good work!



Hey bro .. are you able to share the agent you use please 🌼



Jordan do you have a mentorship course ?



What to do than if u wanna start online bussiness?



My question is, if you made this change back in 2020, are we a year behind the curve? Also, what is the new trend the most recent trend so we can keep up and get ahead…. 🤔 maybe



Do you create your own website or do you hire a company? What is the best website building platform?




Well, the reason i won’t use Shopify again, is because i had my store email and inbox flooded with so called Shopify “experts”, wanting to desperately “help” me improve my store. Most of the times they tell you what they want in their first message. But i had cases where they just started with a “hello”. Of course i had to answer, because what if it was a customer. Their next message was “do you have time? I’d like to ask you about something”. I go “Yes, please tell me how can i help”. And BANG! Here it comes. They say they want to help me improve my store. I don’t want to fucking improve my store. I like it the way it is. I just want to sell my products. I had hundreds of these messages and only ONE from a customer in three months. I don’t want to lose my time checking emails if they’re not from customers. I reached a point where i said “ok, fuck this. I’m not checking my chatbox and emails ever again. I don’t have time for this shit”. But what if i actually had a customer who wanted to ask something? I would lose a potential sale. That’s the reality of Shopify. Whoever thinks about starting there, consider what i just said. I’m not bothering with Shopify ever again. I just can’t handle that.



This is why i couldnt get into drop shipping with ny current budget. Yes it can be very ethical but every YT dropship influencer never mentions exactly how to scale or customer service. Their business model was straight up an unethical business model. Yes you can start with 1k but youre building a store like damn con artist. Honestly the best way to go about it is through branding and having your own supply.



Glad i came across this video. 100%


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