7-Day Drop Shipping Challenge


TLDR: The video narrates a 7-day challenge to start a drop shipping business with a budget of $25, demonstrating practical steps like product selection, store building, marketing and tracking profits.

Drop Shipping Insights

Introduction to the Challenge

🎯Clearly defined challenge rules
🔍In-depth product research to find a good item to sell
💰Budgeting effectively

Finding the Right Product

🕵️‍♀️Analyzing data, not gut feelings when choosing products
💸Purchasing an affordable yet appealing product from AliExpress

Building the Online Store

♟️Setting up the store using Shopify
🎈Adding customer reviews as social proof
🖥️Maintaining a simple and attractive homepage

Marketing Tactics and Strategies

🌟Marketing organically on TikTok and Instagram
🕐Posting regularly at optimal times to maximize traffic
🎯Aiming for videos to go viral for maximum reach

Analyzing and Reflecting the Outcomes

📊Tracking daily sales and visitor numbers
💰Calculating final profits
🛍️Checking orders and customer refund requests

Drop Shipping Video Summary

00:00: 🛍️ The author is embarking on a 7-Day Drop Shipping challenge with a budget of $25. They will find a product to sell, build a store around it and market it using TikTok and Instagram. Each day of the challenge has a predetermined plan with the objective of bringing in sales. There are set rules for the challenge that include: not selling a previously sold product, not exceeding the set budget, and promoting the product organically, not with paid ads. The author emphasizes data-driven product research over gut feeling, considering the younger demographic on social media platforms.
Key ideas:

  • The author will conduct a 7-Day Drop Shipping challenge on a $25 budget.
  • The challenge involves finding a product, creating a store, and marketing it on TikTok and Instagram.
  • There are three rules for the challenge: no repetition of previously sold products, $25 budget limit, and marketing must be organic not paid.
  • The author prefers data-driven product research to make decisions.
  • The primary audience is young due to the choice of marketing platforms – TikTok and Instagram.

02:07: 🕶️ The text describes the use of drop.io, a product research company with a tool that analyzes Facebook ads data to identify profitable products. It also outlines the process of finding, validating and sourcing a potential product (light-beam altering glasses) for drop-shipping. The product is likely to be popular with Instagram and Tik-Tok audiences, and profitable due to low sourcing costs (less than $1), envisaged selling price (about $15), and easy, cost-effective product marketing.
Key ideas:

  • drop.io is a leading product research company that has a tool analyzing Facebook ads data for drop shippers.
  • To identify potential products, advertiser engagement and the profitability of these ads are examined.
  • The light-beam altering glasses were identified as a potentially profitable product due to high engagement and low sourcing cost (less than $1).
  • The product is expected to do well on Instagram and Tik-Tok because of its ‘Wow’ factor.
  • Plans to price the product at around $15 are mentioned, implying high profit margin.
  • Marketing for the product is planned to be conducted cost-effectively through video recordings for Instagram and Tik-Tok.

03:58: 🛍️ The narrator shares their experiences setting up an online store with a $25 budget. They order a product from Amazon, costing them $5 and leaving $20 in their budget. For store building, they pick the name ‘Heart Escape’ and keep the homepage simple with a banner and call-to-action. They prioritize the product page, offering discounts for buying in greater quantities. Minimalist descriptions and choice of GIFs to explain products aim to cater to the reading preferences of their audience. Details about the store build process are separately available in a YouTube video on their channel.
Key ideas:

  • With a $25 budget, the narrator orders a product from Amazon costing $5.
  • The online drop shipping store is named ‘Heart Escape’, featuring a simple homepage with a banner and call-to-action.
  • The product page is highlighted, with quantity discounts to increase order value.
  • Simple descriptions and GIFs are used to make product understanding faster for the visitors.
  • A step-by-step store build process video is available on the narrator’s YouTube channel.

06:07: 💼 The text describes the process of building a Drop Shipping Store using social proof from Amazon reviews and inexpensive apps. The author also leveraged an affiliate link with shopy to acquire a cheap store domain. In addition to the initial setup, the author detailed plans for organic marketing using a newly created TikTok and Instagram account for content generation. The author’s twin brother, an experienced short-form content creator, will manage this aspect of the business.
Key ideas:

  • The author is using Amazon reviews for social proof in the Store
  • Only two apps are used for the store: a store converter and a reviews app
  • The domain for the shopy store was bought for $10
  • The author uses an affiliate link with shopy that permits opening a shopy store for $1 per month for three months
  • A Drop Shipping Store was started with a total investment of $16
  • Two social media accounts, TikTok and Instagram, have been created for marketing purposes
  • The author’s twin brother George, an expert in short-form content, will handle content creation

08:07: 💼 George, a successful drop shipping organic marketer explained his strategies for gaining views and going viral. These strategies include studying the niche, adopting trending contest styles, grabbing viewers’ attention quickly with a sharp hook, and consistently dropping value for viewers. For selling products, he showcases the benefits of the product. Frequency of uploading content is also crucial, with George recommending three videos per day, despite the competition. Timing of the posts is also considered, recommending posts at 3 p.m., 6: p.m., and 9:00 p.m. local time.
Key ideas:

  • George recommends studying the niche of the product or service for better strategies.
  • He suggests using trending elements in content for better reach.
  • He emphasizes on grabbing attention quickly using a ‘hook’ in the first 3 seconds of the video.
  • For selling products, he focuses on showcasing the benefits of the product.
  • Frequency and timing of content posting play a significant role in its success.
  • Despite heavy competition, consistency and strategy can lead to successful organic marketing.

10:09: 🎥 The speaker records 20-30 videos for their product and conducts competitor research on TikTok. They shoot content in various locations and edit 60 clips which will be posted at specific times. The goal is to generate sales through organic marketing on TikTok and Instagram. On Day 4, they post three videos which garner views but result in only one sale. Despite this, they continue to post. On Day 5, they had zero sales.
Key ideas:

  • The man records multiple promotional videos.
  • They do competitor research on TikTok.
  • Videos are posted on TikTok and Instagram in an effort to generate sales.
  • After posting, there is only a single sale and unsatisfactory view counts.
  • On Day 5, no sales were made.

12:30: 💼 The store experienced a day of zero income due to a customer refund. Despite this, the store continued with their social media marketing strategy, posting videos on TikTok and Instagram. One TikTok video has potential to go viral, having gained over 2 thousand views in a short amount of time. On day 6, the store saw four sales, with the viewed TikTok video gaining over 54 thousand views, showing potential of increased popularity. However, by the end of the day, the store made 11 sales, totalling $211. Issues with PayPal hindered some transactions. Two videos on TikTok gained high views, but Instagram showed no significant activity. Plans to halt posting on both platforms were announced for the following day.
Key ideas:

  • The store had to refund a customer.
  • They posted videos on TikTok and Instagram as part of their marketing strategy.
  • One TikTok video gained substantial views.
  • On day 6, the store made 4 sales and a TikTok video started going viral.
  • However, the store ended the day with 11 orders totalling $211.
  • There were issues with PayPal that prevented some transactions.
  • Two TikTok videos had high views, but there was no significant activity on Instagram.
  • They planned to stop posting on both platforms the following day.

14:34: 💼 The video discussing a sales challenge generated almost $200 in sales today, with a total of $492 for the month. In total, there were 22 orders selling 23 units. Fulfillment cost was $23 while the processing cost was $16.83. With a budget of $25, and total expenses at $55.80, the sales lead to a profit of $3.53 and 44. The speaker emphasises the importance of skill development and a good marketing strategy for achieving success in sales even with limited resources.
Key ideas:

  • The sales challenge video generated almost $200 in sales on one day, and a total of $492 for the month
  • The total order count was 22, selling 23 units
  • Fulfillment cost amounted to $23, and processing cost was $16.83
  • With a starting budget of $25, total expenses reached $55.80, but total sales brought in $49.27
  • The sales venture resulted in a profit of $3.53 and 44
  • The speaker highlighted the importance of skills and marketing strategy in sales success

Drop Shipping Q&A

Which social media platforms did the presenter use to market the chose product?

The presenter used TikTok and Instagram for marketing.

How did the presenter choose the product for dropshipping?

The presenter chose the product based on data analysis, not gut feelings.

What was the end result of the 7-day dropshipping challenge?

The end result of the challenge was a profit of $353.44.

How many videos were posted each day on social media during the challenge?

Three videos were posted each day on TikTok and Instagram.


TLDR: Most comments are expressing interest in a 7-day challenge with paid marketing. There are concerns from international viewers about the feasibility of the strategies for their specific locations, like India and Africa. Some also requested more novice-friendly content about dropshipping.
Negative: Some viewers felt that the content doesn’t cater to international viewers or beginners in dropshipping. One viewer expressed difficulty with marketing due to their location in Africa.
Positive: The viewers appreciate the shared strategies and regard the video creator as a reliable source of business education. Some found the content helpful and it motivated them to make changes in their approach.
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7 day challenge with paid ads please



Yes but

You are buying products from Amazon and fulfilling them on your own.

But Anyone who is living in India and selling the product in usa

How He can do.



thanks sir, i’m student…. I really work hard but unfortunately , not lots of order i get….after this video , i set my budget and then i started with new zeal…… thanks my favourite business teacher



7 day challenge with paid marketing



7 days challenge with paid ads 50dollar of paid ads



We usually want totally beginner video for dropshipping that if none knows about dropshipping he can easily gets to know all about this



Hi, i think marketing a video might be difficult for me because I’m in Africa, Nigeria to be precise and I was just wandering if there was a way to download other people’s content and use AI to regenerate it because I think marketing a product from Africa is gonna be impossible based on where I live



Hi, i think marketing a video might be difficult for me because I’m in Africa, Nigeria to be precise and I was just wandering if there was a way to download other people’s content and use AI to regenerate it because I think marketing a product from Africa is gonna be impossible based on where I live


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