Drop Shipping Success without Advertisement: TikTok Strategy


TLDR: Video details about a successful drop shipping business strategy using TikTok for product promotion without using advertisement.


Dropshipping Strategy

πŸ”‘ Successful dropshipping involves finding products with high buying potential and maintaining consistency in promotion efforts.
πŸ” The secret to choosing a winning product lies in scouring TikTok for popular hashtags related to products.
πŸ’Ό Developing a store with Shopify makes the process easy and user-friendly, helping to attract customers.
πŸŽ₯ Regular video posts showcasing the products can be a game-changer in attracting customers.

Choosing the Product

πŸ“… Consistency is key in maintaining an engaging audience on any social media platform.
πŸ”¬ Replicating already successful videos saves time and increases the likelihood of going viral.
βš”οΈ Be flexible and ready to change your product or strategy if something goes wrong.

Video Summary

00:00: πŸ’° The speaker has made $9,000 from drop shipping in the last 20 days without using any money on advertising. They have a drop shipping store that makes them $8,000 to $10,000 every month with little effort. They explain that while many people claim to make millions with ease from drop shipping, they aim to demonstrate the real process, tips, and their personal results without any fakeness. They further clarify that they find their products, build their store, and advertise without heavy spending on ads. They verify their assertions by sharing their Shopify drop shipping store’s analytics which shows earnings of $9,300 from October 17th to November 28th. They didn’t use common means like Facebook ads for advertising, but yet, their newly started store is not doing excellently well, per se, but they are glad for a $5,000 to $6,000 profit it brings monthly.

Key ideas:

  • The speaker has made $9,000 from drop shipping in the last 20 days without ad spend
  • The drop shipping store makes $8,000 to $10,000 each month with low effort
  • They advertise their store without heavy spending on ads
  • No use of typical advertising resources like Facebook ads
  • Shopify analytics show earning $9,300 between October 17th and November 28th
  • The speaker’s newly started store makes $5,000 to $6,000 profit monthly

01:21: πŸ’° The speaker discusses their experience with running a Drop Shipping store. From October 1st to November 30th, the store made about $114,000 in sales, with a profit of approximately $8 to $9,000, due to not using money on ads. In October, the revenue was above $9,000 and in November, it was about $5,000. The speaker emphasizes the importance of consistent income rather than large occasional profits. They introduce a method called Tik Tok Drop Shipping.

Key ideas:

  • The speaker’s store made $114,000 in sales from Oct 1st to Nov 30th.
  • Due to no ad expenditure, the profit for this period was approximately $8,000-$9,000.
  • In October, the store earned above $9,000 and in November, it was about $5,000.
  • The speaker prefers consistency in income over large sporadic profits.
  • The speaker uses a method called Tik Tok Drop Shipping.

02:37: πŸ“¦ The text provides an explanation on how to use viral Tik Tok products for drop shipping. It recommends identifying popular products using specific hashtags on Tik Tok, setting up a store based on these products, creating social media pages and Tik Tok account, filming and sharing videos of the product. It emphasizes the potential of going viral leading to increased website traffic and sales.

Key ideas:

  • The method involves using popular products on Tik Tok for drop shipping
  • Specific hashtags such as #Amazon finds, #Tik Tok made me buy it, #product you need are used to identify popular products
  • Creating a store based on these products and promoting them through social media and Tik Tok can increase sales
  • Going viral can significantly increase website traffic and product sales

04:01: πŸ“½οΈ The author discusses the potential for sales with a mini projector product. The product, which allows for watching movies anywhere, was discovered on TikTok, a platform that can be used to capitalize on trending products and drive sales. However, it’s crucial to evaluate not only the popularity of the product but also the genuine customer interest in purchasing it.

Key ideas:

  • The mini projector that allows for watching movies anywhere is being sold by the author.
  • The product was discovered on TikTok and has shown potential for high sales due to its trendiness.
  • Just because a product is going viral on TikTok doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good product for selling.
  • It’s important to verify customer interest in buying the product, ensuring it’s not just a random trending item but something people would genuinely buy.

05:22: πŸ’» The text explains the process of creating a dropshipping website using Shopify. It emphasizes that Shopify offers free themes and various options, making it easy for beginners to create a professional-looking website. The text also mentions the importance of analyzing competitor websites to glean ideas for improvement. Additionally, it provides an example of selling a mini projector, arguing the potential for high profitability due to the significant difference in purchasing and selling prices.

Key ideas:

  • The author recommends Shopify for creating a dropshipping store due to its user-friendly interface and free themes.
  • Beginners can also make a good looking website by spending a few hours on Shopify.
  • Checking competitors’ websites for ideas on design and product pricing is useful.
  • The example in the text is a mini projector, which can be sourced for $20-$30 and resold for $130, demonstrating high potential profit.

06:43: πŸ›οΈ The author discusses the method for starting an online store, finding a product and using TikTok marketing for business. The author advises to keep the website simple by leveraging Shopify’s free themes and not to spend a lot of time perfecting it. The key lies in product advertising and using TikTok as a platform to generate product popularity. The author advises using viral video concepts and recreate them with better quality in order for the advertising to reach a wider audience.

Key ideas:

  • Simple online stores can be created using Shopify’s free themes
  • Time should not be invested heavily in making the store perfect, but to make money
  • The product’s advertising and publicity on TikTok is crucial in generating sales
  • Recreating viral videos with better quality and lighting can make your product popular in the TikTok community

08:02: πŸ“± The key to effectively use TikTok for business is consistency and frequent posting, with a recommendation of thrice-daily. It’s not common for TikToks to go viral overnight, so don’t bank on this happening. Reposting content on Instagram reels and YouTube shorts can increase reach, but it’s crucial to remove the TikTok watermark. The platform Snaptick is a useful tool for this. Saving and reposting other people’s content isn’t a viable strategy. Maintaining consistent posting has helped to earn $8,000 to $10,000 monthly.

Key ideas:

  • Consistent and frequent posting on TikTok is crucial for amplifying business impact
  • Reposting content across platforms like Instagram reels and YouTube shorts can expand reach
  • Remove the TikTok watermark when reposting content on other platforms; Snaptick can assist with this
  • Saving and reposting other people’s videos isn’t a sound strategy
  • Consistent posting on TikTok can generate significant income, demonstrated by monthly earnings of $8,000-$10,000

09:20: πŸ“ˆ The advice given pertains to effectively leveraging TikTok for product promotion. Consistency and appealing content were emphasized as essential for capturing the platform’s 15-25 demographic. A focus on trending products for viral potential was suggested as a strategy for rapid sales growth. Further resources were offered where the author shares in-depth knowledge about going viral and making money on TikTok.

Key ideas:

  • For effective sales, consistency in making and posting videos is crucial.
  • Trending products have a higher likelihood of going viral, leading to higher sales.
  • Product promotion should be geared towards the primary demographic on TikTok, i.e., ages 15 to 25.
  • Videos that act as advertisements should be engaging and entertaining rather than being similar to boring commercials.
  • The author offers further resources on how to make money and go viral on TikTok.


How to find a potential product for dropshipping?

Look for popular product-related hashtags on TikTok and choose a product that people are interested in buying.

What’s a good platform to set up a dropshipping store?

Shopify is a user-friendly platform that offers a variety of free themes and it makes it easy to set up an attractive dropshipping store.

How can you promote your product effectively on TikTok?

Consistently post engaging videos that showcase the product. Replicating successful TikTok videos can also be effective.

What if the product fails to attract the audience on TikTok?

Be prepared to change to a new product or strategy. It’s important to be flexible in your approach.


TLDR: The comments are mixed with queries about how to start a dropshipping business, doubts on credibility of the video, a few scam accusations, and motivation towards risk-taking in finance. Many seem to struggle with understanding the concept of dropshipping, specifically in dealing with product sourcing, inventory, and shipping.

Negative: Many viewers express confusion and frustration over the instructions provided, with several believing it to be clickbait or scam due to needing money for product sourcing or miscommunication in the video direction. Some were disappointed assuming it was an advertisement.

Positive: Some commenters are inspired and motivated by the video, keen on understanding more about dropshipping and Shopify. Some appreciate the content and value of the lectures being provided.

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My advice to everyone is this : if you want to grow big this year especially in your finances. Be willing to take risks. Saving is great but taking risks puts you on a pedestal where you wouldnt have to worry about savings as you do now. Thanks to Samantha Jack, my portolio is doing really great and im proud of the decisions i made last year.



Do not listen to these scammers, they are getting money by promoting websites and spamming people



Are you posting from separate TikTok accounts? I just downloaded the app tonight, so not familiar with this. Are you posting different videos of the product 3 times a day?



How do we link website to bio


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