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Forever free

For freelancers that need real-looking Internet identities
$0 USD
$0 USD
user/mo billed annually
user/mo billed monthly
No credit card required

Key features:

  • 15 profiles with cloud storage
  • Unlimited browser profile creation
  • Unlimited launches for productivity
  • Up-to-date authentic fingerprints


For businesses that need a lot of member accounts
$16 USD
$29 USD
user/mo billed annually
user/mo billed monthly
No credit card required

Everything in Forever free, plus:

  • 100 profiles with cloud storage
  • 5GB data through static proxies
  • 24/7 email and chat support
  • Profile multi-format parsing
  • Team roles for collaborative work
  • Unlimited profile session rollback


For all your corporate needs and really big teams
$59 USD
$99 USD
user/mo billed annually
user/mo billed monthly
No credit card required

Everything in Business, plus:

  • 1.000 profiles with cloud storage
  • 100GB data through static proxies
  • One-hour priority support support
  • Recovery of deleted profiles
  • Browser automation
Price exlcude any applicable taxes

Interested in per-profile pricing?

Opt for a profile-based pricing package with unlimited seats and pay only for profiles you create.

Trusted for overall simplicity

Compare the plans

Browser profile creation
Launch profiles
Cloud stored profiles
Share profiles
Seat limit
Custom browser fingerprint using real data
Fresh authentic user fingerprint database
Unlimited device account synchronization
Сustomize fingerprint settings for profile
Profile parser from
external services
Proxy location
Easy-to-use proxy manager
Import proxies quickly from files
Data through static proxies
Dynamic proxy switching in-session
Strong profile encryption with unique keys.
Secure cloud storage with safe data transfer
Cloud storage secured with AWS, Google, and Cloudflare
Unlimited number of team
Custom user roles
Custom user roles
Sharing to guest
Profile sharing
API & Integrations
Knowledge center
Browser automation with – Playwright, Selenium, and Puppeteer
Help Center
Knowledge Base
Web chat, e-mail, What’sApp, Telegram, and Facebook support
Chat support 24/7
Premium Support
$0 USD
$0 USD
$16 USD/mo billed annually
$29 USD/mo billed monthly
$59 USD/mo billed annually
$99 USD/mo billed monthly

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Count on us
to safeguard your data

GoBrowser ensures top data security with SOC 2 Type 2, GDPR compliance. Your info’s encrypted in transit, stored securely in compliant clouds, and audited to prevent security breaches.

Questions? We have answers.

How is GoBrowser different from Antidetect browser like GoLogin, MultiLogin?

GoBrowser offers a Chrome-like browsing experience with added multi-account support, where each profile operates as a distinct, real user—fast, secure, and ready out of the box on any device.

Does Gobrowser come with proxy?

Certainly! Our residential, mobile, and data center proxies now available in over 40 countries, including popular locations like the USA, Canada, Germany, UK, and India.

Can I use your software for free?

Sure thing! You can use our software for free, and we even throw in some proxies at no extra cost for whatever you need them for. And don’t worry, we keep your data just as safe as we do for our big business users.

Can I modify my plan anytime?

Of course! You can switch your plan or adjust the number of seats in your team anytime.

Can we share a GoBrowser account between us?

Sure thing! GoBrowser supports seamless multi-device access, so you and your team can use it across several devices without any limits.

Can I share my accounts with other users?

Definitely! You can share your accounts, folders, or even invite others to your workspace without any limits—everything is designed for flexible team collaboration.