The convenient way to
manage multiple accounts

Each browser profile is designed to be unique,
appearing as real humans to website hosts
No credit card required

Seamlessly integrated for the most stable performance

Trusted for overall simplicity

based on 300+ reviews on

Stay undetectable.
Be unstoppable.

Multiple browser profiles with unique fingerprints

“It allows me to seamlessly go to accounts without having to log in to each account. No more clients getting warnings that an unknown device has just logged into their account. No more locked accounts.”

Manage multiple accounts.

Protect your account with digital fingerprint masking to reduce the risk of bans and logouts

“This is literally the most stable anti-detection browser I’ve used. It’s like using the default chrome browser. Very flexible and has high computing performance. The simple and intuitive control panel is amazing.”

Sessions flawlessly preserved

Every accounts is protected in encrypted cloud storage, exclusively for your eyes

“I am absolutely thrilled! This is the perfect tool for SEO and even with the free version I always got friendly and perfect advice.”

Finally, all your accounts in one place

Seamless access worldwide. 
Log in from anywhere.

“So much faster and smoother than the way I used to work. I give certain access to my workers so no more need to do every step from scratch. This platform gives me everything I need in order to run a business”

Powerful features

Proxy location
Our free proxies offer the ability to access any of 40 countries location
15 free profiles
We provide 15 free browser profiles, which is enough for any personal use scenario
Collaborative workspace
“Workspace” is a collaborative environment with a role management feature.
3x Faster
Gobrowser works twice as fast as the standard browser
10x Cheaper
Four times more cost-effective than a virtual machine
20x Easier
Once done through virtual machines, now just a click for account access

The best, most complete solution for contingency

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IP Address -
Cookies - -
Headers - -
Browser parameters -
Device data / fingerprint -
Default behaviour -
Convenience and safety

Gobrowser is your solution for different cases requiring multiple accounts


Manage multiple stores without lockdowns. Automate routine tasks and share profiles with teammates anywhere in the world

Use for free

Marketing & SMM Agencies

Securely manage multiple client accounts, grow your portfolio, prevent bans and suspensions, enhance teamwork, and scale effortlessly with automation

Use for free

Ads & Arbitrage

Manage thousands of FB/Google/Pinterest ads accounts, work easily with your team, grow ad placements, check campaigns, all while avoiding bans

Use for free


Manage multiple Linkedin accounts, minimize accounts suspensions, scale with automation, and increase sales by expanding reach.

Use for free

Scarping & Automation

Scale scraping efficiently with Anti-detect Technology, enhanced drivers like Selenium, Puppeteer, saving time and money while avoiding detection.

Use for free


Manage multiple accounts on platforms like Ticketmaster, automate bulk ticket purchases, scale without infrastructure investments.

Use for free

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