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What personal information do websites collect – alternative Pixelscan Frequently Asked Questions about Pixelscan.netWhat is Pixelscan?Pixelscan.net is a web-based service that conducts various tests to determine the extent of information your internet browser discloses about…
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Find out your IP address by Whoer alternative tool Frequently Asked Questions about Whoer.netWhat is Whoer.net?Whoer.net is an online platform that provides an array of tools designed to assist users in evaluating their internet connections…
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The alternative tools for checking IP address privacy Frequently Asked Questions about Browserleaks.comWhat is Browserleaks?browserleaks.com is a platform offering a range of tools designed to evaluate the security and privacy aspects of your web browser.…
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Check if your browser has a unique fingerprint with Amiunique Frequently Asked Questions about Amiunique.orgWhat is AmIUnique?AmIUnique is an innovative online tool crafted to unveil the distinctive identifiability of your browser on the vast landscape…
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This alternative CreepJS is the most complete open-source fingerprinting solution available, with a wide range of detecting algorithms. Frequently Asked Questions about CreepjsWhat is CreepJS?CreepJS is a sophisticated browser fingerprinting library specifically designed to extract…
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Cover your tracks

Check Browser with the Cover Your Tracks Alternative Frequently Asked Questions about the Cover Your TracksWhat is Cover Your Tracks?Coveryourtracks.eff.org is a service offered by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), serves as a valuable tool enabling…
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In 2023, being cognizant of your digital privacy is more critical than ever before. Our no-cost tools for evaluating IP confidentiality and browser distinctiveness have been precisely crafted to equip you with a thorough understanding of the data that websites can access about your online activities. With the growing trend of data harvesting by online platforms, it’s essential to grasp how extensively your digital trail is being tracked and exploited.

Our IP confidentiality assessment tools allow you to verify the secrecy of your internet connection, providing you with a means to quickly determine if your real IP address is at risk of being revealed. This feature enables you to swiftly take the necessary steps to protect your identity and private information while surfing the web.

In parallel, our browser distinctiveness tool deeply inspects how your web browser presents itself uniquely to websites. Through understanding your browser’s unique signature, you can identify the information that websites might be collecting about your device and online habits.

We understand the importance of your digital privacy and are dedicated to helping you regain control over it. Delve into our array of cost-free tools to discover what information about you is accessible to websites in 2023. In this era of digital connectivity, information is your primary shield in protecting personal data.