Session Box vs GoBrowser: A Fair 2024 Comparison


Session Box vs GoBrowser: A Fair 2024 Comparison
In our comparison series, we’ll explore Session Box, a compelling multi-session solution. Originating from Hungary, Sessionbox for Chrome is transforming into a full-scale antidetect browser. Positioned as a user-friendly tool, it serves as a daily driver for managing multiple accounts on any platform.
Is SessionBox effective and a worthwhile business investment? Can creating a new session in SessionBox protect your accounts from tracking? We’ve thoroughly examined all SessionBox products, assessed costs, and compared them to GoBrowser, a top SessionBox alternative.
TLDR? Skip to the end for a quick comparison table.

SessionBox: First Impressions

Website and Apps: Figuring Out What To Install

The SessionBox multi-login tool download page looks good enough but could be more clear. The illustrations lack transparency in showcasing the app’s appearance and functionality.

SessionBox: First Impressions

SessionBox claims it can effectively manage 100 Facebook profiles. Considering Facebook’s reputation for imposing account bans, that’s a difficult enough task.
We didn’t meet any problems setting up a new account and accessing a free trial on the website. A Google auth button for faster login may enhance the process.

Installation: Figuring Out What To Use

SessionBox, initially a Chrome Web Store extension isolating browser tabs, revolves around its key feature: multi-login to any website. Quite an amazing concept, isn’t it?
Despite the 3.5-star extension rating, thousands of users surf websites with multiple accounts. Before our tests, we discovered the vendor team had recently launched a new extension, SessionBox One.
SessionBox One is both a Chrome extension and a separate antidetect browser. The team claims the new SessionBox Chrome extension can turn tabs in your regular browser into virtual browsing sessions and run isolated profiles in their new browser called Workstation.

Honestly, it took us some time to process this scheme. Let’s check if it really can handle 100 profiles in Chrome as claimed on the main page.
We will test both extensions and the browser.

Session Box Legacy Extension

While the old extension may seem outdated and “old school,” such an interface doesn’t necessarily indicate poor quality, as long as it remains logical, intuitive, and clear.
Yet, we encountered issues from the start. The extension features “sessions,” essentially tabs within a single browser window. Sessions use color coding for tabs, but we find this system ineffective because color dots conflict with website icons.

The red dot on the red Reddit icon says it all.
The red dot on the red Reddit icon says it all.

The legacy SessionBox extension feels outdated on the whole.

Proxies are configured in the legacy extension, but it seems strange that users aren’t supposed to use them for work.
Yet, these are just interface nuances. Ultimately, the tool should protect tabs from tracking, though its compatibility with fingerprints remains unclear.
We conducted standard fingerprint tests on and, as usual.

The legacy extension didn’t pass the test, but, to be honest, we didn’t expect it to function fully, considering there’s already a new one in place.
Let’s move on and install the new SessionBox One extension.

New Session Box One Extension

The new extension has a somewhat raw interface but is more modern and clear than its predecessor. The team claims they are transferring “from sessions to profiles.”
Later on, you’ll notice that “profiles” function a bit differently compared to other antidetect browsers.

Let’s move forward and install the new one. Downloading the SessionBox desktop app is an essential step for synchronization. Let’s test both, starting with the SessionBox download as promised.

Profiles And/Or Tabs

The updated SessionBox One extension looks way better, but it retains the same logic as the old version. Now featuring Profiles and Groups, possibly for team access, the interface still relies on tabs and color dots on icons.
This mechanism functions the same in both the new extension and the Workstation browser. Currently, it appears to be a matter of preference choosing which one to use.

This raised a single question: how to we distinguish between a profile and a tab? With the Multiple Profile Creation tool, generating 30 profiles will run 30 random tabs from random profiles.
These are made with a click, but it makes the tabs inoperable since there are too many of them. This may be the reason why pricing offers an infinite number of profiles.

The color code system makes more than 20 profiles impossible to use. Your eye simply won’t be able to tell one from another.
A profile or session does not equal a tab: it should include multiple tabs. We couldn’t understand the final logic of how it worked. This might be a sign that the app is currently under development, which is not necessarily bad.

Session Syncing

Beyond work logic, additional issues arise: tabs don’t continue the web sessions. Synchronization, pausing, and resuming sessions from the cloud are crucial features, especially for team collaboration in browsers.

If you exit as usual and then return to your profiles, all tabs will start on a blank page. The profiles are synced correctly during exit, but it does nothing for some reason.
Recent reviews of the Legacy extension highlighted an issue, prompting our investigation. Our findings from the official Discord chat reveal that the new extension is awaiting approval from Google, confirming our under-development theory.
The team representative is consistently available in the chat, promptly addressing all inquiries.

The old extension used to function well for over 300k users, but the browsing experience became worse after the update.

Session Box One Workstation Browser

The SessionBox One extension runs profiles through its dedicated browser called Workstation. While resembling a standalone browser, it is currently feature-limited, though the team labels it as an Antidetect browser on the website.
Yet, the Workstation feels like an extension clothed in a Chromium browser skin.

It’s not clear how a user can create and manage 100+ social accounts here. Active SessionBox users, share your comments below the article!
The Workstation seems to have modern privacy browser features, such as proxy auto-assign, API, automation, profile sharing, and team options for Groups, but it still feels like a product in active development.

Browser fingerprint settings are present and straightforward, without additional options for advanced use.
Let’s check if the new extension and browser pass fingerprint tests.

Session Box Browser Compatibility And Passing Checkers

SessionBox One claims it can isolate a tab in your standard browser, such as Chrome or Brave. Again, that’s a great idea, it remains a bold claim, demanding sophisticated technology in a mere extension like Chrome Sessionbox.
We’ll attempt to pass checkers for and using the SessionBox One extension and the Workstation browser with default settings.

Pixelscan results in a SessionBox One tab with proxy, all settings on default. Surprisingly, it’s the first tool to fail all four parameters in our tests. results in a SessionBox Workstation tab with proxy, all settings on default.

Both new tools failed checks for user agent and fingerprint. We encountered some chaos with the user-agent parameter. The Iphey Hardware tab shows the browser gives an extremely old Chrome 114 user agent, while the original Chrome browser runs on 117.
The One extension updated to Chrome 116 but failed the checker. It lacks manual user-agent selection, a feature found in more advanced browsers.

Mobile Devices, Teamwork And Quick Recap

The SessionBox extension and browser don’t have mobile or web versions for remote work, including no options for mobile fingerprints. We don’t think it is a good choice for mobile platform affiliates.
Team options in Groups offer basic features like profile sharing. Given concerns about profile and tab logic issues, it’s unlikely that an agency with 5+ members would choose SessionBox as their primary tool for daily work. Pricing for teams will be discussed later.
In conclusion, SessionBox One and Workstation have promising concepts but currently face functionality issues, failing checkers on various parameters. Despite this, considering their past performance, it’s anticipated that these problems are temporary and the team will fix them promptly.

GoBrowser As A Great Sessionbox Alternative

Unlike the multi-tool set in the SessionBox browser, GoBrowser is a versatile solution that seamlessly caters to personal use, small entrepreneurs, medium-sized agencies, and large web scraping or affiliate marketing teams with 20+ members. It truly fits all their needs.
Similar to Apple products, GoBrowser operates straight out of the box. It follows a straightforward logic of one window per browser profile. While there’s an Android and web app available, they’re optional. The proxies are integrated into the solution, prioritizing your productivity and performance.
Let’s compare GoBrowser to SessionBox tools and then examine their prices and rates.

This GoBrowser main screen is designed for social media marketing agencies and remote managers. Profiles are labeled by platform, tagged, and annotated for various remote VAs.

Features And Comfort Of Use

  1. Unlike the SessionBox One extension and browser, GoBrowser has:
  2. One browser tool for all use cases that’s actually simple
  3. Well-thought Profile table that’s easy to navigate even with 100 social profiles
  4. Browser sessions that continue where you left off
  5. Stable work: 99,9% uptime over 2023
  6. 50 adjustable fingerprint parameters included in all plans
  7. Forever-free plan with fingerprint protection
  8. Free built-in proxies
  9. Fair priced team plans that actually work for big teams
  10. Mobile app and web version with cloud-based profile launch
  11. 24/7 support even for forever-free users.

We omitted discussing user-friendliness and the ease of use, as they are subjective. Many users opt for SessionBox primarily because it is a lightweight extension. We’ll leave these parameters to you to evaluate.

Fingerprinting Work

Users switch to GoBrowser from alternatives like Session Box, citing long-term stability and consistent fingerprint performance. GoBrowser ensures top-level fingerprint protection on all plans, including forever-free.
There’s no need to pay extra for fingerprint settings or anything else. All you need is already included in the price with no hidden details. The default profile settings are already set up for optimal performance.

Check when using your browser. If any parameters turn red, your browser or proxy is unsafe.


GoBrowser allows users to share work with partners. It offers customized roles and access rights for each team member through Workspaces, making it ideal for efficient teamwork with well-organized profiles and team management.

Besides standard teamwork, GoBrowser enables instant switching between multiple team Workspaces with just one click.
Profiles can be organized into Folders and assigned to different managers within the app. Unlimited device multi-account sessions are available on all plans, and team plans offer a fair number of team seats for the price.

Mobile App And Web Version

GoBrowser offers a web version accessible from any device, allowing users to manage profiles without a computer through a secure cloud server. Additionally, GoBrowser is available as an Android app.
On the other hand, the Session Box One browser is only available on Mac and Windows desktops.

GoBrowser provides an Android app and a web-based account manager on the site, allowing users to launch profiles and operate them on a cloud server.

Support And Updates

The support team promptly addresses user requests and offers assistance in any situation. GoBrowser managers organize user campaigns to gather feedback and suggestions, making browser updates as relevant as possible.
Users praise the app for its 24/7 stability without crashes or other issues and often cite this as a key reason for switching to GoBrowser over alternatives.
Let’s move on to the final part of the comparison: plans and pricing.

Session Box vs GoBrowser. Pricing

Free Plans And Trial Periods

SessionBox doesn’t have a free plan and offers a limited $8.99 Hobby plan, which doesn’t include basic fingerprint protection, making its practical use questionable.
Paid plans offer a one-week trial, but features are extremely limited.

Note that IP and Timezone by Proxy, Cookie import, API, and other basic things are considered options here.
GoBrowser provides a forever-free plan for 3 profiles and a 7-day trial of premium features without restrictions upon registration. The free plan includes unlimited fingerprint protection and options.

Paid Plans: Personal Use

To stay objective on paid plans, we’ll focus on the monthly payment option and also mention annual discounts.
SessionBox’s first paid plan (Professional) costs $59.99 per month, while GoBrowser’s comparable plan (Professional, 100 profiles) costs $49 per month. GoBrowser also includes fingerprint protection – a fundamental key feature.

Session Box pricing

SessionBox One and GoBrowser both offer annual payment discounts. GoBrowser offers a substantial 50% annual discount, surpassing Sessionbox’s 40%. Sessionbox’s first-year plan costs $419.88, while GoBrowser is only $294 for the same duration.
GoBrowser is 1.4 times more affordable, encompassing all the mentioned extra features and additionally ensuring true reliability.

Top-Tier Plans

SessionBox One’s premium plan (Teams) costs $99.99 per month. It includes 5 team seats and basic functionality. However, we don’t understand how even a small team could manage 20+ profiles with this tool.
GoBrowser’s Business plan costs the same but provides 300 profiles and 10 team seats, making it better suited for agency use with enhanced team control and increased cost-effectiveness.

GoBrowser pricing

We couldn’t compare Enterprise and Custom plans on Sessionbox One due to the absence of pricing. However, this isn’t a problem, as SessionBox is not designed for large-scale use.
The GoBrowser Custom plan, featuring 5k profiles and 100 team seats for VAs, costs $334.5 per month with a 50% yearly discount. This offers an exceptionally fair cost for an app capable of delivering a 5000% ROI even to a solopreneur in the first year.
Therefore, GoBrowser provides more features at a competitive price across all tiers. Explore the Pricing pages, test both browsers and make your own conclusions.

SessionBox vs GoBrowser: Summary

While the SessionBox Chrome extension holds a promising concept, it doesn’t work as intended. Implementing such an ambitious extension poses significant challenges, and our review highlights several serious questions about SessionBox.
As always, we recommend you make your own decision. Here are some questions to help you choose the best antidetect browser for your needs:

  1. How many browser profiles do you need?
  2. Do you need to share profiles with partners?
  3. How much are you willing to pay for business software?
  4. Does the browser have a good reputation? What do reviews and forums say about it?
  5. Can you test the browser for free? If yes, which one suits you best?

To sum up, assess the pros and cons of the browsers yourself to find the most suitable option.
If you’re using SessionBox, whether old, new, or browser-based, try GoBrowser for a free trial period. Evaluate how many accounts out of 10 survive in the first and second browsers. This is what most often reflects how expensive the browser is for your work.
SessionBox aims at the everyday user, but it doesn’t do its main task, although it used to. For an alternative or a fresh start, test GoBrowser with a 7-day unlimited free trial. No credit card is needed.

Frequently Asked Questions About Session Box

No, you can’t. Currently, Sessionbox is exclusively offered as a Chrome extension and a standalone browser. While an alternative is Firefox multi-account containers, they are more complex for practical business use. Information about the Sessionbox Firefox extension online is outdated, and we couldn’t prove that Sessionbox isolates Firefox and Edge tabs.

No, you can’t. SessionBox doesn’t support Opera. We do not recommend using Opera for privacy or business purposes due to its lower privacy standards and selling user data to ad brokers, despite its other strengths.

Due to recent reviews citing lost accounts and issues with saving browser sessions, we doubt that SessionBox is a secure business solution at this stage. The team is actively improving the tool, but you should always consult the community before investing resources in a business tool.

Yes, you can create an AdsPower account and use it on a free plan with certain limitations.

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