Is Drop Shipping Still Working in 2024? An Insightful Analysis by a Successful Drop Shipper


TLDR:The video provides insights into the world of drop shipping in 2024, detailing the key to success, including tactics of finding winning products, creating a converting website, perfecting ad creation, and utilizing helpful platforms.


The Key to Successful Drop Shipping in 2024

🏆Drop shipper Paul has made over seven figures in just 12 months through drop shipping,
🏅 Winning product selection and resonating ads creation are fundamental in drop shipping’s success.

The Role of Various Platforms in Drop Shipping

👨‍💼 Autods platform has multiple features that benefit drop shippers including product research, easy fulfilment and supplier finder.
🎥 Viral Ecom Ads can generate guaranteed winning paid video ads.

Best Practices to Do Drop Shipping in 2024

💪 Drop shipping is not a side hustle but a serious business with high potential as long as you are willing to face and overcome roadblocks,
📺 YouTube is a powerful resource to learn how to start and optimize drop shipping.

Video Summary

0: Paul, a successful drop shooter with over seven figures in profits, discusses the viability of drop shipping in 2024. He emphasizes the continued relevance and profitability of drop shipping, and the importance of finding winning products. His process of identifying such products, contrary to complicated methods advocated by e-commerce gurus, is designed to be more straightforward and efficient.

Key ideas:

  • “Instagram and TikTok can be used to find potential products to sell.”,
  • “Products fulfilling the desires of a market can be successful.”,
  • “Ad marketing and targeting needs to be accurate for product success.”,
  • “Belief in the product’s value to the market is crucial.”,
  • “Creating a converting website is the next step.”

1:32: The writer is discussing a company called ‘autods’ that facilitates drop-shipping by updating in-demand products daily and simplifying the fulfillment process with reliable, affordable suppliers. The company also provides useful features such as market audience information and promotional videos for each product. Autods is currently offering a 15-day extra free trial and a 20% sign up bonus if you use a referral code.

Key ideas:

  • “To be successful in Drop Shipping in 2024, it is essential to create good advertisements.”,
  • “Creating good advertisements requires regular practice.”,
  • “Practice can take the form of making organic TikTok videos.”,
  • “Analyze successful ad concepts from other brands before creating your own.”


What has been Paul’s key to success in his drop shipping journey?

Paul attributes his success to intensive product and competitor research, creating engaging ads, developing a convincing website, and leveraging platforms like Autods and Viral Ecom Ads.

How can Autods assist in drop shipping?

Autods helps drop shippers by providing a list of well-performing products, facilitating the fulfilment process, and assisting in finding a reliable supplier

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