LinkedIn Outreach: E3C Strategy For Supercharged Scaling


TLDR: Embrace a winning general marketing strategy, leveraging LinkedIn outreach e3c method for lead generation and landing both five-figure and six-figure deals.

LinkedIn Outreach Video Insights

Introduction to E3C LinkedIn Outreach Method

🎯 The e3c method comprises of four stages: Engage, Connect, Converse and Convert.
🌐 This method can be used to connect with high quality prospects or thought leaders.

Efficient Use of LinkedIn Outreach

πŸ’Ό Spend 10 minutes to 10 hours a day on LinkedIn lead generation depending on your role.
πŸ‘₯ Use Boolean search to generate an accurate list of prospects.

Strategies for Connecting

πŸ˜€ Personalize your connection requests and include details from their profile or post.
🎈 Welcome new connections with a question or a conversation-starter.

Conversation and Sales Approach

πŸ” Discover the prospect’s pain points and provide solutions.
πŸ’‘ Lead with value, ask questions and avoid selling initially.

Referral and Call Stage

πŸ“… Use scheduling tools like Acuity or Calendly to book meetings.
πŸš€ Convert the conversation into a discovery/sales call if it seems like a good fit.

LinkedIn Outreach Video Summary

00:00: πŸ’» The video discusses the best LinkedIn Outreach messaging strategy for 2023 to attract new clients. The focus is on the e3c method, a proven technique used successfully to close five and six-figure deals. The method consists of four stages and requires no set up time. Towards the end, the speaker offers a chance to win a free 30-minute private coaching session, along with two free resources to replicate the method with ease. The e3c method is suitable for both short and long term LinkedIn lead generation efforts, and is especially beneficial when aiming to connect with high quality prospects or thought leaders. It’s advised to run this method alongside a more direct outreach campaign for best results.

Key ideas:

  • The e3c method is a successful LinkedIn Outreach messaging strategy ideal for attracting new clients and closing high-value deals.
  • A chance to win a free 30-minute private coaching session is offered towards the end, along with two free resources to replicate the proven e3c method.
  • The method should be implemented in unison with a more direct outreach campaign for optimum results.
  • This strategy is particularly effective for connecting with high quality prospects or thought leaders on LinkedIn, and can be adjusted to fit any schedule or commitment level.

01:38: πŸ’Ό The text discusses a four-step sales approach called the e3c method for prospect targeting on LinkedIn. The steps include Engage, Connect, Converse, and Call/Referral. Initially, one engages with the prospect by leaving valuable comments on their posts. Next, connecting through common interests, personalizing requests and asking questions to start a conversation. The third stage involves leading with value, patiently waiting for a selling opportunity rather than being overtly pushy. Additionally, understanding the prospect’s pain points helps to align solutions better. Lastly, the final stage involves scheduling a call or seeking aid from referrals if there’s a good match. Tools like Acuity or Calendly assist in scheduling these meetings.

Key ideas:

  • A four-step sales strategy called the e3c method is described.
  • The steps involved are Engage, Connect, Converse, and Call or Referral.
  • Engagement with the prospect initially involves leaving valuable comments on their posts.
  • Connection is fostered through shared interests and personalizing interaction.
  • During conversation, the focus is on providing value and uncovering the prospect’s pain points.
  • The final step is setting up a call if there seems to be a strong match with the prospect.
  • Tools like Acuity or Calendly are suggested for efficient scheduling of these meetings.

03:21: πŸ’Ό The text provides suggestions for managing networking and fostering relationships. It highlights the use of tools to manage calendars and help to streamline scheduling. It also emphasizes the importance of maintaining relationships with those who aren’t a good fit by referring them to others in your network. Strategies for creating a pipeline of high-quality prospects are also outlined, including engaging with their profile content.

Key ideas:

  • Calendar tools help in managing schedules, preventing back-and-forths.
  • Referring non-suitable contacts to someone better suited maintains relationships and might lead to future opportunities.
  • Identifying and engaging with potential high-quality prospects is an effective strategy.
  • One can engage by opening individuals’ profiles in new tabs and interacting with their content.

04:55: πŸ’¬ The text emphasizes on the effective approach to comment on others’ posts for lead generation, suggesting a three-point method including complimenting, adding value and encouraging responses. It suggests repeating this 2-3 times before personal connection. The importance of social selling over traditional methods due to the informed nature of modern buyers is highlighted. The writer mentions a partnership with HubSpot for a comprehensive guide on social selling, which covers everything from personal branding to prospect engagement.

Key ideas:

  • Compliment, add value and ask a question when commenting to encourage responses.
  • It’s suggested to repeat the commenting process 2-3 times before establishing personal connection.
  • Social selling is more effective than traditional methods as modern buyers are more informed and want to be engaged with.
  • The author has partnered with HubSpot to provide a comprehensive guide on social selling.

06:34: πŸ’Ό The text provides recommendations for successful sales and marketing strategies. It suggests using Boolean search to ensure an accurate list of prospects before beginning outreach using the e3c method. It also recommends sending personalized connection requests referencing content, not for direct selling but to initiate conversations to build rapport. Once the connections are established, they open the gate for further conversations leading to potential sales. Furthermore, being connected ensures regular content showing up in each other’s feeds, generating top-of-mind awareness and potential for inbound interactions.

Key ideas:

  • Boolean search is a tool that helps in getting the most accurate list of prospects.
  • Outreach should be done using the e3c method.
  • Personalized connection requests help in initiating conversations and building rapport.
  • Connection requests are not meant for selling, but for creating a base for potential sales talks.
  • Being connected provides regular content visibility and generates top-of-mind awareness for prospects.

08:06: πŸ’¬ The text is about strategies to establish and lead engaging connections on social media platforms, which can generate potential customers for your business/product. The suggestions include: sending personalized connection requests to those whose posts you find interesting, conversing with such potential leads through asking them engaging questions or running a ‘Sell by chat’ sequence, constantly posting content and waiting for them to engage, and addressing their potential problems with your solutions.

Key ideas:

  • Personalized connection requests on social media can lead to increased engagement and potentially generate leads for your business.
  • Having a back and forth conversation with potential leads can stimulate their interest in your products or services.
  • Regular posting of content and waiting for engagement is another strategy to garner interest.
  • Asking targeted questions to potential leads can help identify their pain points and offer tailored solutions.

09:45: πŸ’Ό The text discusses strategies for building trust and initiating active reciprocity with prospects for sales and marketing. This can be done by offering resources or content that could help solve their problems. Sharing relevant content, even from other parties (but not direct competitors), can initiate meaningful conversations and eventually lead to a sales call or a discovery call. Personalizing conversations by referencing information from the prospect’s profile can also enhance engagement and boost trust. An example is provided where the salesperson complimented the prospect on a personal achievement, showcasing that they took the time to view their LinkedIn Outreach profile.

Key ideas:

  • Building trust with prospects can be done by offering resources or content relevant to their problems.
  • Sharing relevant content from other reliable sources can initiate meaningful conversations with prospects.
  • Personalizing conversations by referencing prospects’ personal information can boost engagement and trust.
  • Taking time to view a prospect’s LinkedIn Outreach profile and acknowledging their achievements can make the engagement more personalized and effective.

11:18: πŸ“½οΈπŸ“žπŸ’Ό The video is about creating personalized marketing messages and utilizing discovery/sales calls. The creator discusses setting up 15-minute discovery calls to partially solve a prospect’s problem, and then scheduling a sales call later. A contest to win a 30-minute coaching session is announced, requiring viewers to download a free guide from HubSpot and comment on the video.

Key ideas:

  • Creating personalized marketing messages can make an immediate impression.
  • Setting up 15-minute discovery calls can lead to further sales calls.
  • Downloading and commenting on a HubSpot guide provides a chance to win a 30-minute coaching session.


What is the LinkedIn Outreach e3c method?

The LinkedIn e3c method for lead generation comprises of four stages: Engage, Connect, Converse and Convert. This targeting strategy allows you to connect with high-quality prospects and thought leaders.

What’s the best approach to connect with prospects on LinkedIn Outreach?

The best approach to connect with prospects on LinkedIn would be to engage with their posts before sending a personalized connection request. Also, it’s beneficial to initiate conversations that could lead to a discovery call or a sales call.

How can I efficiently create a list of leads on LinkedIn Outreach?

You can use Boolean search to generate the most accurate list of prospects on LinkedIn. These search parameters filter search results to ensure that you get the most relevant prospects.

How can I effectively manage my time while generating leads on LinkedIn?

You can spend anywhere between 10 minutes to 10 hours a day on LinkedIn for lead generation depending on your role. It’s recommended you make 15-20 personalized connection requests daily.


TLDR: Commenters seek advice from Natasha on business scaling, LinkedIn strategies, and scheduling tools like Calendly. They also express curiosity about Natasha’s personal life and share their own selling techniques and experiences.

Negative: Some viewers express frustration at unsolicited LinkedIn connection requests and failed downloads from the website. One user has reported no successful deals despite applying methods similar to Natasha’s for several months.

Positive: Viewers appreciate Natasha’s content, guidance, and strategies and acknowledge the value they derive from her videos. They praise the simplicity of her teachings and express excitement to apply her methods.

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