An Ecommerce Agency Guide: Mastering High-Ticket Dropshipping


TLDR: Stepwise guide for creating and scaling high-ticket dropshipping ecommerce agency business.

Ecommerce Agency Business Insights

Choosing a High-Ticket Product

πŸ” High-ticket products are everyday items with prices in the thousands. Keep your eyes open for these in your daily life.
πŸ“Š Google Shopping and Google Trends can help assess market demand and trends for these products.

Finding Suppliers

🌐 Use Google Shopping to find stores selling the product and identify their suppliers.
πŸ’Ό Make a comprehensive list of these suppliers in a Google Spreadsheet.

Building Your Ecommerce Agency Website

πŸš€ Using tools like Shopify, build a fill-in-the-blank website template within a couple of hours.
πŸ’‘ Use tools like Lucky Orange to understand how visitors interact with your site and make necessary optimizations.

Running Ads

🎯 Target bottom-of-funnel people who are most ready to buy using platforms like Google and Bing.
πŸ”Ž Also search for target customers using Facebook groups and email lists, and make them a good offer.

Scaling Your Ecommerce Agency Business

βŒ› Implement vertical and horizontal scaling strategies to increase sales and expand your product range.
πŸ‘₯ May require more staff to manage the increased complexity as the business scales.

Exiting and Selling Your Store

πŸ’° Aim to make a profit of $250,000 per year to sell your store for a million.
πŸ‘‹ If selling two products every three days at $1,000 profit per sale, you could achieve prospective targets.

Video Summary

00:00: πŸ’° The text discusses the potential and growing opportunities in high ticket Ecommerce AgencyΒ and dropshipping, emphasising that building a successful multi-million dollar e-commerce brand isn’t as complex as perceived. It elucidates how advances in technology and AI can enhance the buying experience, enabling potential buyers to trial products virtually. The author predicts an upcoming explosion in high ticket direct-to-consumer e-commerce brands, principally dealing in items over $1,000. The author shares personal success, having built a high ticket dropshipping store generating over $6 million in sales in under two years. The first step towards success, as per the author, is product selection.

Key ideas:

  • Building a successful multi-million dollar e-commerce brand is attainable given the right product and strategy.
  • Advancements in technology and AI are enhancing online shopping experiences by allowing customers to visualise products in their own space before making a purchase.
  • There is a predicted rise in high ticket direct-to-consumer ecommerce agency brands primarily selling items over $1,000.
  • The author has successfully clocked over $6 million sales in under two years with their own high ticket dropshipping store.
  • The first step to building a profitable dropshipping store is product selection.

01:39: πŸ” The author suggests observing one’s surroundings for high-ticket drop shipping product ideas that cost over $5000. Once gathered, these ideas are then used to search Google Shopping and particular sellers for a product type. From there, the selected store’s URL is used in tools such as Shop Hunter or Koala Inspector to gauge sales quantities. Additionally, Google Trends is used to analyze market trends. The goal is to identify a growing market with high-priced products.

Key ideas:

  • High-ticket drop shipping products can be identified by observing daily life and surroundings.
  • Google Shopping can be used to search for specific product types and sellers.
  • Shop Hunter or Koala Inspector can help determine the sales quantities of specific stores.
  • Google Trends can display market trends to help identify stable, growing, or declining markets.

02:58: πŸ’» The text describes the process of starting an online business, with emphasis on identifying a product with high demand, finding suppliers for the product, and creating a website for sales. The writer demonstrates a method of finding suppliers by searching for brands on Google Shopping. Shopify is suggested as an efficient tool for website creation. The writer also suggests using a tool like Repo to mirror successful brands and Shop I Scraper to export product lists from supplier websites.

Key ideas:

  • Demand for a product should ideally be increasing over time.
  • Identifying suppliers can be done by searching for brands selling the product online.
  • Shopify can be used to quickly create an online store.
  • Repo can help to mirror multi-million dollar brands in seconds.
  • Shop I Scraper can help to import product lists from other online stores onto your website.

04:21: πŸš€ The text emphasizes on the importance of speed and efficiency in launching a business, particularly an online store. Successful marketing and sales strategies include observing customer interactions on the website for insights and making necessary adjustments. It also advises targeting bottom of the funnel people for running ads, especially for high ticket items, as these customers are more specific about what they want to buy.

Key ideas:

  • Speed is more important than perfection when launching your store.
  • Tools like lucky orange can be used to observe how customers interact with the website to make necessary modifications.
  • When selling high ticket items, it is crucial to run ads targeting bottom of the funnel people because they are specific about their purchase.

05:41: πŸ’Έ The text discusses two sales tactics: targeting people at the bottom of the sales funnel who are ready to buy, and direct marketing to decision-makers at potential clients, such as gyms. For example, if selling high-end grills, they would target individuals specifically searching for that product. This is advantageous with expensive products since these individuals have a high buying intent. Direct marketing, such as blankets emailing corporate decision-makers at gyms about adding massage chairs to increase membership rates, is also discussed. This could be followed by phone calls for further persuasion.

Key ideas:

  • People at the bottom of the sales funnel, who have decided what they want, are the most profitable customers.
  • Search engines like Google and Bing allow targeting people searching for specific terms, advantageous for selling expensive products.
  • Direct marketing to decision-makers at potential client sites like gyms can be an effective sales strategy.
  • Suggestion is to propose adding products like massage chairs to the facilities to boost their monthly membership price.
  • Follow-up with calls can be done for further persuasion after the initial email offers.

07:05: πŸ’΅ The text emphasizes the need for businesses, specifically gyms to offer additional services like massage chairs to increase their membership prices. The author suggests that businesses can leverage competitor offerings to negotiate better deals for improved services. He also highlights the importance of marketing and customer perception, indicating that people are more interested in results than just products. Lastly, the power of networking and interacting with peers in the industry through platforms like Facebook groups was stressed for enhancing business growth.

Key ideas:

  • Offering additional services like massage chairs can help gyms increase their membership price.
  • Businesses can negotiate better deals by leveraging competitor offerings.
  • Customers are more interested in the results than just the products.
  • Networking and interacting with peers through platforms like Facebook groups can aid in business growth.

08:24: πŸ“ˆ The text discusses the strategies to scale a business, emphasizing on paid ads and expanding product selection. Two ways to scale include vertically, where you increase ad spend on existing products, and horizontally, expanding your product selection. Similarly, on the outreach side, increasing outreach efforts proportionally increases sales. The text also explains that to sell an e-commerce store at a one million price, one needs to be making a profit of $250,000 annually.

Key ideas:

  • Business can be scaled vertically by increasing ad spend on the same products.
  • Business can be scaled horizontally by expanding the product selection.
  • Increasing outreach efforts results in proportional increase in sales.
  • To sell an e-commerce store for a million dollars, the store must be making $250,000 annual profit.

09:46: πŸ’Ό The speaker explains a business strategy where selling products with a profit of $1,000 per sale could yield $20,000 per month and $240,000 per year. The annual profit could potentially lead to the value of the store being about a million dollars. Although many may not act on this advice, the speaker and their team have helped over 150 people To make their first significant online income. They offer a direct collaboration to build an ecommerce store, and encourage viewers to book a call with them, and to like and subscribe to their content.

Key ideas:

  • Selling products with a $1,000 profit can yield $20,000 per month and $240,000 per year.
  • The business could potentially be worth about a million dollars.
  • The speaker and their team have helped over 150 people make their first significant online income.
  • They offer a direct collaboration to build an ecommerce store.
  • Viewers are encouraged to like and subscribe to their content.


What tools can be used to assess market trends and demand for high-ticket products?

Google Shopping and Google Trends can be used to assess market trends and demand.

What ecommerce agency strategies can be used to scale up a high-ticket dropshipping business?

Vertical and horizontal scaling strategies can be used, including increasing ad spend and expanding the product range.

What kind of profit should be aimed for a year to sell the store for a million?

A profit of $250,000 per year should be aimed to sell the store for a million.


TLDR: Comments highlight the appreciation for the insightful analysis and strategies shared in the video, especially regarding e-commerce, finding suppliers and high-ticket selling. However, some viewers express doubts about the legitimacy of the advice and its success, and question the need for business licenses and the logistics of order fulfillment and shipping.

Negative: Some commenters doubt the actionable nature of the advice given, suggesting it’s more about selling an idea than teaching practical steps. They express being left with unanswered practical questions regarding starting up, obtaining a business license, order fulfillment, shipping and finding suppliers.

Positive: Viewers find the video extremely insightful, appreciating the in-depth analysis of the seller-to-consumer process, funneling method and Google Shopping tips. They also value the video’s guidance on how to expand their businesses and appreciate the tips shared.

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Selling expensive products why people will buy from some random website instead of buying directly from brand website?



Whoever watching this video and is taking this route you are on the right route



This video was incredible insightful ! . I mean the in depth analysis from seller to consumer and the thought process behind every action is great to see. I enjoyed when you broke down the funneling method too. its going to help me for sure as im still trying to get my business in motion. Much love and respect. keep these videos coming ! πŸ’―



all these videos are low quality. they ALL know thet the most valuable video would be to sit down , set up an ecommerce ecosystem from scratch while they record it and explain while they do the things that you need to think of and how they are aligned to the ecosystem purpose until you reach the final step. No one will do that and no one will ever do that. WHY? Because they do not want to show you that. They want to sell you the persuation and perspective of that and get you buy their products/services/subcribe etc…



If you have to ask this you aren’t ready his brand is literally one of the biggest in the US


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