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Frequently Asked Questions about Pixelscan.net

Pixelscan.net is a web-based service that conducts various tests to determine the extent of information your internet browser discloses about you and your gadget. These evaluations can cover a range of details, including your IP location, geographical location, webRTC, JavaScript, and more.

Utilizing Pixelscan is a breeze. Simply navigate to the website and you’ll be presented with numerous tests you can execute, such as the WebRTC Leak Test, IP Address, Canvas Fingerprint, and others. Choose any test to run and discover the data your browser is revealing.

Absolutely, Pixelscan is secure to use. It doesn’t retain any personal information and the data it uncovers is only visible to the user. It’s a tool engineered to assist you in comprehending your browser’s privacy configurations and what data you might be unintentionally disclosing.

While Pixelscan doesn’t directly offer privacy protection tools, it does supply crucial data about any potential leaks from your browser. Armed with this knowledge, you can tweak your browser settings or employ privacy tools to enhance your online security.

Yes,  Pixelscan is entirely free of charge. You can conduct as many tests as you wish without incurring any fees.

Pixelscan is designed to be compatible with the majority of contemporary web browsers. However, the outcomes may differ based on each browser’s specific configurations and the privacy safeguards it has implemented.