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TLDR: In this lead generation guide, various strategies and tools are shared to generate B2B leads effectively regardless of niche or location.


Introduction to Lead Generation

📌Lead generation is crucial in growing a business.
📌Lead generation can be done manually or automatedly via software tools.
📌Regardless of method, the goal is to contact decision-makers who are potential customers.

Manual Lead Generation

📌Google Maps can be used for manual lead generation.
📌Businesses and decision-makers details can be found on about pages and contact details of websites.
📌Manually generated leads should be compiled in a spreadsheet.

Automated Lead Generation with Apollo.IO

📌 can automate the search for decision-makers in target businesses.
📌 has the ability to filter leads based on job titles, location, employees, industry keywords, etc.
📌 generates leads quickly but it’s important to verify the leads’ qualification.

Outsourcing Lead Generation

📌Fiverr can be used to outsource lead generation tasks.
📌Outsourcing can save time and money when looking for specific leads like mobile numbers.
📌Outsourcing is recommended for new startups or businesses with tight budgets.

Strategies for Effective Outreach

📌The hard work is in the outreach, i.e., sending emails, DMs, cold calling, running ads etc.
📌Consistent outreach is key to the success of the leads generated.
📌Outreach should be done to 500 new leads every single day to get maximum results.

The Importance of Lead Qualification

📌It’s important to ensure that the leads are qualified.
📌Qualification can be done by going through each website to confirm it aligns with the business.
📌Qualified leads can lead to high chances of success upon outreach.

The Merits of Outsourcing

📌Outsourcing lead generation should be a priority as soon as the budget allows it.
📌Outsourcing lead generation leads to more time and resources for other business tasks.
📌Outsourcing ensures that lead generation is not a bottleneck in your business.

Video Summary

00:00: 💼 The text is a tutorial on how to generate hundreds of qualified B2B leads in minutes using simple tools like Google Maps and manual research. The process involves identifying potential customers for your products or services, with a focus on decision-makers within companies. Three methods of lead generation are mentioned, catering to different levels of experience and budget.

Key ideas:

  • The tutorial discusses how to quickly generate B2B leads.
  • Potential customers that are targeted are the decision makers in different companies.
  • Three different methods of lead generation are presented, depending on experience level and budget.
  • Google Maps is presented as a useful tool for manual lead generation.
  • A spreadsheet should be maintained with relevant details like the first name, last name, company name, website, and email.

01:34: 🔍 The method for generating leads manually is described. One must search for businesses, derive details like phone numbers and owner’s details, and then reach out to them. A more efficient way is suggested by using a tool called This tool helps find decision-makers in various companies, making it easier to get in touch with them. The tool searches websites like LinkedIn, and the results can be used to generate a list of potential leads, which can then be contacted.

Key ideas:

  • The manual method of generating leads requires searching for business details and reaching out.
  • It is suggested to first generate all leads before reaching out to them.
  • is a tool that assists in finding decision-makers in various companies.
  • generates a list of potential leads which can be contacted.
  • It is essential to reach out to decision-makers for effective lead generation.

03:03: 🔍 This text describes the process for creating a list of leads for a startup marketing agency that offers Facebook ad services. The method involves searching for certain job titles (such as owner, founder, director, or c-suite executive) within specified industries, specifically in the UK. However, the target companies must have between one to twenty employees. The narrator is not interested in larger companies or those in the dental industry. After the user generates the list of leads, they can export it for use in Google. The same process can be applied to other industries, such as gym or fitness business owners in the United States.

Key ideas:

  • The method is for creating a list of leads for a startup marketing agency.
  • The agency offers Facebook ad services.
  • The process involves searching for specific job titles within certain industries.
  • The leads must be based in the UK and have between one to twenty employees.
  • The generated list can be exported and used in Google.
  • This method can also be applied to other industries and locations.

04:47: 💪 The speaker discusses a method to generate leads for gyms and fitness centers. They recommend using Apollo, a tool with various pricing structures, to manually select leads. The leads are to be qualified according to the criteria of the user’s choice. They also suggest finding the mobile numbers of these leads for easy contact, with the option of outsourcing this task. The process is beneficial as it can generate 2000 leads in under five minutes.

Key ideas:

  • Apollo is a tool that can be used to manually select leads for gyms and fitness centers.
  • The leads generated have to be qualified according to the criteria of the user’s choice.
  • For a faster connection, the user can find the mobile numbers of the leads.
  • Outsourcing the task of finding mobile numbers can be an option.
  • The process can generate 2000 leads in under five minutes.

06:23: 📞 The text discusses various methods of lead generation. The writer suggests companies to use services like Fiverr for lead qualification and enrichment. They discuss the advantages of using these services, such as acquiring mobile phone numbers at lower cost rates. Additionally, they highlight that even if a company is working with a small budget and unable to use software like Apollo, they could still utilize the service providers on platforms like Fiverr to generate a list of leads.

Key ideas:

  • Qualified leads can be obtained from services on platforms like Fiverr.
  • Mobile phone numbers of potential leads can be obtained at a lower cost by using such services.
  • Lead generation services can provide a solution for businesses with smaller budgets that can’t afford software tools like Apollo.

07:55: 💼 The passage talks about generating leads for business through techniques such as finding databases of potential clients and businesses, like aesthetics clinics or bricklayers in the UK. The writer highlights the importance of utilizing resources like online databases and hiring lead generators from Fiverr to scrape information from these websites. The writer cites agency owners as the primary target audience of the argument, emphasizing how such lead generation methods can solve their concern of insufficient leads for their business.

Key ideas:

  • The text provides strategies to generate business leads
  • The writer suggests utilizing available resources like online databases of potential businesses
  • Hiring lead generators from platforms like Fiverr to extract information from chosen websites is recommended
  • The primary demographic cited in the text are agency owners
  • The writer believes these methods can solve most lead generation issues to aid businesses

09:36: 💼 The speaker emphasizes the importance of outsourcing lead generation for businesses, especially for those with a budget. They argue that lead generation should not be a bottleneck activity and should be outsourced as soon as affordable to ensure the growth and smooth running of the business. They detail their process of employing software for initial lead generation and a team in India to qualify those leads.

Key ideas:

  • The speaker believes that businesses with any type of budget should outsource lead generation.
  • Lead generation should not be a primary hindrance to the activity of a business.
  • The speaker’s agency reaches out to 500 new leads each day.
  • They use a combination of software and human workforce to generate and validate leads for the business.
  • The agency has made significant return on investment through this method and they have consistently acquired new clients.

11:16: 🧑‍💻 The text discusses the importance of the human element in lead generation, as alongside software tools like Apollo. While Apollo uses information from platforms like LinkedIn, the author suggests using manual lead scrapers and generators to reach business owners not on platforms like LinkedIn for a larger pool of untapped leads. The author encourages the reader to learn more lead generation strategies and how to sign up such companies for their business by visiting a link to an academy.

Key ideas:

  • The human element is crucial in lead generation beside software tools like Apollo.
  • Apollo uses information from LinkedIn which is used by everybody, therefore reaching same leads.
  • Manual lead scrapers and generators can tap into a larger pool of leads that are not on platforms like LinkedIn, offering unique leads.
  • Successful lead generation strategies can help in signing up companies for your business.


How can you manually generate leads?

You can manually generate leads by searching businesses on Google Maps, visiting the websites and gathering contact details of the decision makers.

What is an automated way of generating leads? is an example of a software that can be used to automate lead generation. It has filtering features to get the most relevant leads in your target market.

How can you verify the qualification of leads?

By visiting each website and ensuring they align with your business before reaching out to them.

How much outreach is recommended daily to get maximum results?

An outreach to 500 new leads every single day is recommended for maximum results.

When should you consider outsourcing lead generation?

Outsourcing lead generation should be considered as soon as the budget allows it. Outsourcing saves time and resources and ensures lead generation isn’t a bottleneck in your business.


TLDR: The commentators are discussing their experiences, queries, and suggestions related to lead generation tools, strategies and platforms referenced in the video. Some viewers saw the value in the presented methods, but others questioned the quality of ‘leads’ obtained this way, since the data might not necessarily be interested prospects but raw data for cold outreach.

Negative: Several viewers criticized the lead generation strategy described in the video, arguing that it yields raw data rather than genuine leads and suggesting other ways to gather such data, for example through public records. Certain viewers have also noticed inaccuracies in the emails provided by the Apollo tool and others questioned the feasibility of the strategies presented, especially when conducting international business.

Positive: Many users appreciated the practical information and clear explanation in the video, commending its usefulness. Some had positive experiences with certain lead gen platforms mentioned, like Cerebria Tech, and expressed interest in obtaining information about other relevant tools and strategies.

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Very informative but a list of names and email address is not a lead. How do we qualify this list and ascertain they are interested in what we are offering?



Great video Jordan as always. How do I go about getting guy in India to do the lead gen and what would I request from them exactly? Could you point me in the right direction


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