Using LinkedIn Lead Generation for Effective Client Acquisition


TLDR: Maximize your chances of scoring big clients and closing deals in general marketing by harnessing the power of LinkedIn lead generation.


The Power of LinkedIn lead generation

🌐 LinkedIn provides ample opportunities, not only in social media marketing but across any industry.
🎯 Utilize it for lead generation or direct sales effectively.

Importance of Personalized Outreach

👥 Mass messaging is ineffective. Personalized messages yield better results.
💬 Pitching the right way is crucial. Lack of personalization leads to failure.
👋 The key to successful LinkedIn outreach is taking the effort to reach out personally.

Building Meaningful Relationships on LinkedIn lead generation

👂 Understand their business, show genuine interest and give respect to get respect in return.
💡 Reach out to prospective clients with a personalized message, demonstrating interest & offering solutions.

LinkedIn Lead Generation Video Summary

00:00: 💼 In this video, Jordan walks through strategies for closing clients on LinkedIn lead generation. These tactics, originated from his experiences in corporate sales, target CEOs of big conglomerate firms. His strategies apply to any industry utilizing LinkedIn for sales or lead generation. The video includes a critique and analysis of bad sales pitches on LinkedIn and lessons from his days of using LinkedIn for getting hundreds of leads.

Key ideas:

  • Jordan will share strategies for closing clients on LinkedIn learned from his corporate sales experience
  • Strategies target CEOs of multi-billion dollar conglomerate companies
  • Strategy can be utilized by any industry using LinkedIn as a sales tool
  • Jordan used LinkedIn daily to get hundreds of potential clients in his corporate sales job
  • Video will critique and analyze ineffective sales pitches on LinkedIn based on Jordan’s experiences

01:43: 💼 The speaker emphasizes the importance of a well-crafted, personalized pitch when using LinkedIn as a sales tool. They also highlight the value of a well-set-up LinkedIn profile, including connections, endorsements, and testimonials from peers.

Key ideas:

  • The speaker discusses the necessity of having a good pitch for sales on LinkedIn
  • A poor, unpersonalized pitch on LinkedIn can lead to losing potential clients
  • The speaker mentions having around 5,000 connections on LinkedIn
  • Endorsements and testimonials on LinkedIn profiles are highly valued
  • The speaker has testimonials from influential figures in the industry including the creative director of Universal Studios

03:12: 💼 The text emphasizes on the importance of having a well-filled LinkedIn profile including educational details, previous job experiences, a complete bio, and a tagline that appeals to the target audience. It warns against the futile pitches received on a daily basis and advises persoanlized outreach to be noticeable and effective in the sea of similar messages.

Key ideas:

  • Properly filled out LinkedIn lead generation profile aids in making good first impressions.
  • Job details should link to actual companies.
  • Craft a tagline that directly calls out to your target audience.
  • Receiving several pitches daily is common on LinkedIn.
  • Personalization in outreach messages helps to stand out.

04:40: 🙄 The speaker discusses the impersonal nature of sales pitches received, mostly copied and pasted, with no personal connection or understanding of his business. He critiques one in particular for incorrectly identifying his industry, noting a more tailored pitch would have been more effective. He emphasizes that none show understanding of what his business does, lacking personalization.

Key ideas:

  • Numerous sales pitches received are copied, pasted, and impersonal.
  • One sales pitch incorrectly identified the speaker’s industry, demonstrating lack of research.
  • The speaker values personalized, tailored pitches that show understanding of his business.

06:19: 😕 The individual expresses frustration over the impersonal outreach they’ve been experiencing. They emphasize how this non-personalized approach leaves a negative impression as it demonstrates a lack of effort and research. They seem to be irritated with the copy-paste messages and the immediate pitches they receive after connecting with someone new. They also mention their intention to find a random prospect to illustrate their point, focusing on managing directors in the London fitness industry.

Key ideas:

  • People are engaging in impersonal outreach
  • No one has demonstrated that they’ve researched about the individual
  • The messages received are just carbon copies sent to multiple people
  • Many people send a pitch immediately after getting accepted
  • The individual intends to search for a random prospect from fitness industry as an example

08:07: 🕵️‍♂️ The speaker is researching an aesthetics clinic to potentially reach out for a personalized interaction. They browse through various social media and websites, looking for personal contact information. They specifically pinpoint an Instagram account and examine the latest post to gather information before reaching out. The intention is to network and potentially attract clients through personalized interaction.

Key ideas:

  • The speaker is looking to personally reach out to an aesthetics clinic
  • The speaker is examining social media profiles and websites to gather useful information
  • The speaker examines a latest Instagram post for a personalized reach out
  • Goal is to network and attract potential clients

09:37: 💼 The speaker, presumably a professional in digital marketing, reaches out to a contact (Anna) to discuss ways in which he can assist in improving her digital marketing strategy. He spotted potential improvements through analyzing her Facebook and Instagram posts and believes that the current setup might result in significant monetary losses. He proposes a more personalized approach in making business proposals and underlines the importance of dedicated research.

Key ideas:

  • The speaker has taken time to review Anna’s social media presence, including her Facebook profile.
  • He believes Anna’s current digital marketing strategy is ‘leaving a lot of money on the table’.
  • The speaker proposes to share his ideas on improving Anna’s strategy, in a 15-minute discussion.
  • He emphasizes the importance of a personalized approach and detailed research when proposing business collaborations.

11:44: 💼 The text emphasizes the importance of personalization in sales, particularly in reaching out to prospects. The author suggests that investing time in fewer, but more personalized outreach has a higher success rate than simply sending templated messages to a larger number of people. He encourages respect for each prospect and asserts that this effort will yield respect—and potential business—in return. Feedback and suggestions for future content on LinkedIn and direct messaging are also welcomed.

Key ideas:

  • Personalizing your sales approach yields better results than mass messaging.
  • Treat potential clients with respect and take the time to understand them for successful sales.
  • Providing value and asking for suggestions encourages viewer engagement.


Is LinkedIn lead generation only useful for people in social media marketing?

No, LinkedIn is a powerful sales tool applicable to any industry for lead generation and direct sales.

What is the major failure point of LinkedIn lead generation outreach?

The major failure point of LinkedIn outreach is a lack of personalization and the adoption of mass messaging.

What should be the key focus while reaching out to prospective clients on LinkedIn?

The key focus should be understanding their business, showing genuine interest and giving respect to prospective clients.


TLDR: The commenters appreciate Jordan’s efforts in producing a helpful and informative video tutorial on using LinkedIn for beginners, particularly useful for new business owners and marketers. They however, had questions about some platform details such as filtering options in the search bar, LinkedIn’s AI tool, and whether the strategy works on a free LinkedIn account.

Negative: Negativity in the comments revolves around dislike for extensive text in the discussion example given by Jordan, a specific mention of autumn book readings, and questioning the authenticity of a profile check demonstrated in the video. Some also express concern about potentially coming off as creepy or stalker-like when personalizing messages too much.

Positive: Commenters found Jordan’s video to be well-explained, thoroughly valuable and easy to follow. They appreciated his LinkedIn strategy and quick tips for growing connections, and believe it can help them improve their own businesses, networking, and sales.

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Jordan, this was awesome, new sub!!!!



I don’t care about her autumm book readings



Thank you Jordan. This video was very helpful. My team and I have recently kicked-off our consulting firm and are actually in the process of making the connections now. Still playing around with the features of the premium “Sales” account and very helpful to understand what the Clients look for when making a personal connection. Thanks for the quick tips!



Whats you’re opinion on using linkedly’s AI tool for lead generation?


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