Making $16,000 in the First Month Online through Shopify Dropshipping


TLDR: The speaker discusses how they made $16,000 in their first month online by Shopify dropshipping, especially leveraging TikTok and Instagram for advertising.


Finding Successful Sellers

🕵️‍♂️ Look for successful sellers on platforms like TikTok who are generating a lot of views and followers.
📚 Learn from their strategies and emulate their successful practices in your own Shopify dropshipping business.

Creating Your Online Store

🛠️ Use Shopify to create your online store and get a 14-day free trial.
💲 Add products that you can get at a cheaper rate from suppliers to your Shopify dropshipping store for a higher profit margin.
🎨 Keep your website simple and use no more than three main colors to avoid distractions.

Marketing Your Products

📱 Use TikTok and Instagram for advertising because these platforms are effective for reaching a younger audience.
🔄 Consistently repost your content on both these platforms for maximum visibility.

Testing Your Strategy

⏰ Test different posting times to find what works best and stick to it.
🔬 Consistently analyze your results and improve your strategy accordingly.

Video Summary

00:00: 💰 The speaker shares his experience of making thousands of dollars in his first month online as a beginner through a method known as Shopify drop shipping. He utilized TikTok for advertising products which ended up getting millions of views and thus huge sales. A TikTok page named ‘My soul lift’ inspired him to do this – they were selling shoe inserts to make people look taller.
Key ideas:

  • The speaker made $16,000 in his first month online.
  • He used Shopify drop shipping to make money.
  • He started this online business as a total beginner.
  • He utilized TikTok for advertising his products.
  • A TikTok page named ‘My soul lift’ inspired him to start this business.
  • My soul lift’s second video on TikTok got 36 million views selling shoe inserts that make you look taller.

01:07: 💰 The content discusses a business opportunity that was noticed with a product targeted towards shorter individuals. The narrator identified a competitive advantage by sourcing the product more cheaply from suppliers like Zen Dropper or Alibaba. A recommendation is made to establish a website through Shopify and to import the competitively priced items using Zedrop or Oberlo. The narrator suggests finding inspiration from competitors who are already selling the product.
Key ideas:

  • The narrator identified a niche market for a product for shorter individuals.
  • The product can be sourced more cheaply through platforms like Zen Dropper or Alibaba.
  • The plan is to create a website on Shopify to sell the product.
  • Advice was given to draw inspiration from existing sellers of the product.

02:10: 💻💼🌐🛍️ The text emphasizes maintaining simplicity in designing websites particularly for drop shipping stores, focusing on limited colors and visual content rather than lengthy descriptions. It encourages businesses to use social media platforms, particularly TikTok and Instagram, for product marketing to initially start off and then eventually expand to platforms like Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube.
Key ideas:

  • Websites should be simple and not use more than three main colors.
  • Avoid long descriptions in favor of videos and gifs.
  • Promotion on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram is crucial for starting off.
  • Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube marketing can be considered for expansion after initial establishment.
  • A good tutorial on creating a successful drop shipping store from scratch has been linked.

03:12: 💼 The text discusses steps for building online presence for a drop shipping business. It advises buying 500 Instagram followers for initial credibility boost while, unlike Instagram, discourages buying TikTok followers due to algorithm issues. It suggests building a website and social media pages using inspiration from successful competitors. It mentions using TikTok for marketing and Amazon for sourcing products.
Key ideas:

  • Building online presence for drop shipping business requires buying some Instagram followers for credibility but recommends against buying TikTok followers
  • Successful competitors can serve as inspiration for building a website and social media pages
  • Using Amazon to source products for your drop shipping business and TikTok for its marketing is suggested

04:16: 🎥 To market a product effectively on TikTok, recreate viral posts related to the product instead of creating original content. Aim for better lighting and quality, but ensure the overall video format remains the same. Posting consistently, around three times a day, at tested optimal times, is recommended. Your product could be purchased on Amazon Prime for quick delivery, allowing timely video creation.
Key ideas:

  • Recreating viral TikTok posts, rather than creating original content, can help in effectively marketing a product.
  • Improving the lighting and quality of videos is recommended.
  • Consistent posting on TikTok, about three times a day, can help in product promotion.
  • Products can be purchased on Amazon Prime for quick delivery, facilitating timely video creation.
  • It’s crucial to test out different posting times to identify optimal engagement periods.

05:20: 📈 Consistency is key for using TikTok as a marketing tool, and one should not miss a day of posting. This feeds into the algorithm and can increase the chance of your product gaining visibility. Moreover, catering to your local algorithm can be beneficial. Reposting on Instagram reels and maintaining consistency can drive the product popularity. Only after gaining a thousand followers can you add a link in the bio, so the initial focus should be on gaining followers. If unable to attract followers, re-evaluating the product or content is recommended.
Key ideas:

  • Consistency in posting on TikTok and Instagram is crucial for marketing.
  • You should try to adapt content to your country’s algorithm.
  • A link can only be added to a TikTok bio after gaining 1,000 followers.
  • Initial focus on TikTok should be on gaining followers, not immediately selling
  • If struggling to gain followers, the product or content may need re-evaluating.

06:19: 💰 The text discusses a successful strategy for making money online without spending on ads, particularly through dropshipping. The five-step process involves finding the right product at the right time, recreating viral videos, improving website and Instagram page, persistently testing products, and posting regularly. Additionally, there is emphasis on evaluating your own content against successful ones and making necessary improvements.
Key ideas:

  • Dropshipping is a feasible way to make money online without spending on ads.
  • Success in dropshipping requires finding opportune products, recreating viral content, and enhancing digital platforms.
  • Consistency and tenacity in testing different products are essential in achieving desirable results.
  • Evaluating and adjusting your own content against those successful ones are crucial in this strategy.
  • Reposting consistently every day can lead to better outcomes.

07:25: 🤔 The passage summarizes mistakes that can be made when trying to sell products on TikTok, highlighting that often people ignore important factors like product quality, usage of trending sounds, and the creation of engaging video content. It also emphasizes the need to understand the platform’s largely younger audience and what products may appeal to them, as well as the importance of capitalizing on existing successful trends rather than trying to pioneer unproven ones. The speaker invites viewers to like, subscribe, and stay tuned for more videos.
Key ideas:

  • Product quality, trending sounds, and engaging video content are crucial when selling products on TikTok.
  • It’s important to understand the younger audience of TikTok when promoting a product.
  • Focusing on existing successful trends can be more effective than trying to create new ones.
  • The user is invited to like and subscribe to the channel for more insightful content.


What platforms does the speaker recommend for advertising the products?

The speaker recommends using TikTok and Instagram for advertising the products.

What is the speaker’s main advice for creating a Shopify store?

The speaker’s main advice for creating a Shopify dropshipping store is to keep it simple, use no more than three main colors, and to add products that can be obtained at a cheaper rate from suppliers.

What does the speaker suggest to keep in mind while creating content for TikTok?

The speaker suggests recreating viral videos exactly how they were, with better quality if necessary. He also stresses the importance of consistency in posting content on TikTok each day.

What importance does the speaker place on testing?

The speaker emphasizes the importance of testing different posting times as well as consistently analyzing the results to improve the strategy.


TLDR: The comments show a clear interest in the topic of shopify dropshipping, with many people interested yet confused about how to start and navigate through the process. They are asking for further clarity on things like capital required, logistics, authentication, and dealing with fake comments.
Negative: Many viewers are finding it hard to understand the whole process and particularly how to handle logistics like product delivery. There’s also concerns raised about fake comments, requests for assistance in starting shopify dropshipping, and debates about the ethics of using credit cards in relation to religious views.
Positive: Some viewers found the video highly useful in stimulating their interest in shopify dropshipping and providing initial insights, with one viewer stating how it helped him understand the capital needed to start the business.
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As a brother is this real hope this not fake

Posted: 1 year ago
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Don’t fall for fake comments, it’s completely out of my control 🙏 I appreciate you guys for the support and im trying to delete as many as I can!

Posted: 1 year ago
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This was a very useful video man! Right now i am 14 years old and i have been very curious about starting dropshipping and my friends said that i need a source of money to buy the products. So,in my conclusion everyone that starts dropshipping might need to start with 300$-1k$.But my question is that do you need a minimum age to start dropshipping?

Posted: 3 months ago
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Hey after customer buys our product how to deliver it?

Posted: 1 year ago
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If I buy a product from Alibaba, open my online store and add my product to the store, how do I get my product to my clients without really having to do much with the shipping and stuff, that’s the part I didn’t understand

Posted: 2 months ago
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One proplem help me is authentication code for login

Posted: 2 months ago
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I wish i can do the same🙃😔

Posted: 2 months ago
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Hiii bro plz help. How to start shopify dropshipping

Posted: 1 year ago
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Hope this isn’t a clickbait because i Wanna do it for my father that passed away 😢

Posted: 5 months ago
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And he has the same profile Pic as you do. He gave me a phone number to use on whatsapp

Posted: 1 year ago
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 @Sauceyourgranny  That’s not how Shopify dropshipping works. You set the price on your website to more than the price that your supplier is listing it for. For example, if your supplier is listing a product for 4 dollars then you sell it for 10 dollars. You keep 6 dollars and they take 4 dollars.

Posted: 11 months ago
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But I got to ask when u create those content, would d Instagram ND TikTok be all bout just that one product what if u find another product would u then have to create another account for those.
And d link when u got up to a thousand followers is it to yr Shopify store.Please I would be grateful to get a response
Thank u❤

Posted: 6 months ago
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Bro as a Muslim fellow i also know that credit card is haram but if you take loan then its haram because there is only interest in loan and the deduction of credit card is the fee of credit card so my main point is thats its not haram according to me thats my opinion

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Isn’t boosting your post better than baying followers?
What are the benefits of baying followers? Can someone explain, please

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Credit cards are haram because the bank lends money to the user in return for interest, and this interest is the price of the annual subscription to the credit card. so
your opinion @sameerhaider8546  i don’t care about, it is prohibited so i am not gonna use it. i’ll find another way or something else.

Posted: 1 month ago
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I’m from india and im trying to do this stuff but i don’t think people gonna believe on me because of some fake people doing this stuff for there own profit but making people fool its really hard to start this website for mee in India 🤕. What do i doo now ?

Posted: 4 months ago (edited)
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Guys I have a question I am a teenager and I want to start dropshipping but I don’t know how to receive money from customers and I don’t have a credit card or bank account cz u know I not 18 yo

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I think someone commented a fake comments to me

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Ruth here from Africa, help !

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I want translation arbic can you do it???

Posted: 4 months ago
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im gonna order from amazon my videos on tiktok was horible thanks

Posted: 4 months ago
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Please 🙏 i am 17 years of age without ant capital to start Shopify dropshipping, what do i ned to do

And is there an age requirement to begin

Posted: 2 months ago
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 Shahabas Aman  yes you cna do it in india, watch this video though instead, this creator sucks:

Posted: 1 year ago
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how would we buy stock if we have no money

Posted: 1 year ago
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