How to Make $116,000 Weekly with Dropshipping


TLDR: The video explains how to use organic strategies on social media to make money via dropshipping, specifically focusing on TikTok and Instagram, without having to spend on ads.


Viral Products.

πŸ’Ό Use platforms like Tiktok to identify viral products relevant to your store
πŸ“Œ Hashtags like #productsyouneed, #bestproducts2024, #Amazonbest can help find best-sellers

Scripts for Dropshipping.

πŸ“Ή Recreating viral videos, with a unique touch can increase engagement
πŸ”ƒ Consistency is key; post regularly on social media platforms

Website Design.

πŸ“„ Create engaging and comprehensive descriptions, with images and emojis
πŸ’Έ Offering discounts for multiple purchases can increase sales

Success with Social Media.

πŸ‘₯ Post multiple times daily across different social media platforms
🎭 Make your product entertaining rather than explicitly selling it
🚫 Remove TikTok watermark when reposting on other platforms

Video Summary

00:00: πŸ‘€ The text recounts the speaker’s success in drop shipping, which sees them making $116,000 every week without running ads and minimal setup. The speaker is transparent about their product and business, with a daily rate of at least $2,000 in sales and an average profit margin of 40%. The speaker mentions that most of their products usually carry a profit margin of 50-60%, but it’s slightly less because they’re branding this product. So far, the speaker has made $100,000 in sales in a month with a week to go.
Key ideas:

  • The speaker is making $116,000 weekly from drop shipping without running ads.
  • They started the business with bare minimum setup (around $50).
  • The daily sales rate is at least $2,000.
  • The store operates at an average 40% profit margin.
  • So far, the speaker has made $100,000 in sales in a month with a week left.

02:07: πŸ’Έ The text describes a successful drop shipping strategy using Tik Tok and Instagram. The author explains the tactic of finding viral products and selling them through a branded Shopify website for profit. They emphasize the importance of finding trending yet unsaturated products. A notable example given is the levitating wine bottle holder, which contributed to their $100,000 gain this month.
Key ideas:

  • Drop Shipping can be conducted through Tik Tok and Instagram by finding viral products and selling them through a Shopify website.
  • Finding trending yet unsaturated products is critical for this strategy.
  • A levitating wine bottle holder significantly contributed to the author’s $100,000 profit this month.

04:22: πŸ·πŸš€πŸ’° The narrator discusses a marketing strategy involving the use of an under-promoted product that will be specifically marketed for Mother’s Day. The product, a levitating wine bottle, has been noted to create extensive engagement on social media. The narrator expects successful sales due to this unique marketing angle. Also, the narrator promotes the use of Shopify, due to its ease of use in website creation, as a platform for selling the product.
Key ideas:

  • The product, a levitating wine bottle, was discovered via social media hashtags.
  • The product has achieved over 500,000 likes and generates high user engagement with its viral content.
  • The narrator foresees potential success in marketing the product for Mother’s Day.
  • The marketing strategy used was unique, outperforming competitors and yielding high profits.
  • The product can be sold through Shopify, a platform commended for its user-friendly website building tools.

06:26: πŸ’» The text is about the advantages of using autod DS as compared to AliExpress for sourcing products, and the important steps to build a successful one-product website. The author mentions how quick shipping compared to AliExpress and high quality facilitated a profitable business, scaling to 100K a month. Emphasis is put on marketing and the importance of providing a seamless service to avoid chargebacks and unsatisfied customers. Also, the author points out the competitor’s strategy of offering discounts on buying more than one product.
Key ideas:

  • The author discourages the use of AliExpress for sourcing products, suggesting autod DS instead.
  • The autod DS platform offers products for lower prices with faster shipping and companies can avoid headaches like chargebacks and refunds.
  • For example, the levitating wine holder product can be obtained for $15 on autod DS with around 10-day shipping, a high quality product getting to customers quickly.
  • The author’s business has scaled to 100K a month, primarily focusing on marketing and product distribution.
  • Building a one-product website is crucial, with aspects like crafting engaging product descriptions, using good photos, and offering discounts mentioned as important.

08:38: πŸ’° The text describes the utilization of an app called ‘volume boost’. The speaker emphasizes the importance of limiting product variants to avoid customer confusion and taking inspiration from successful peers without directly copying them. They also highlight the use of social media as a tool for product visibility and sales generation without the need for paid ads. They take products from zero to making over $100,000 without spending any money in ads, using social media to go viral and bring in a ton of sales. They also look at what competitors are doing and try to improve upon it.
Key ideas:

  • An app called volume boost can be used for automatic calculations at checkout.
  • It’s beneficial to limit product variants on a store to avoid customer confusion.
  • Drawing inspiration from successful peers is recommended, but direct copying should be avoided.
  • Social media can be used as a powerful tool for product visibility and sales generation without the need for paid ads.
  • The speaker has had many successful drop shipping stores.
  • The speaker has taken products from zero to making over $100,000 without spending money in ads.
  • The speaker consistently goes viral on social media, leading to significant sales.

10:45: πŸ“Š The text discusses a strategy of posting two to three times daily on Tik Tok to increase the chance of going viral. This includes reproducing successful content from direct competitors while improving upon them and experimenting with unique marketing angles. The importance of good attention grabbing hooks is also highlighted. The writer emphasizes the need to look outside their product category to find successful content ideas to replicate.
Key ideas:

  • Posting two to three times daily on Tik Tok increases the chances of going viral.
  • Reproducing and improving upon successful content from competitors forms part of the strategy.
  • Unique marketing angles are tested regularly.
  • Good attention grabbing hooks are crucial for viral potential.
  • Content ideas can be sourced from successful posts in different product categories.

12:49: πŸ“± The text discusses a strategy to go viral on social media by posting three times a day on popular platforms such as TikTok, Instagram reels, and YouTube shorts. The creator emphasizes removing watermarks from TikTok videos when reposting them on other platforms. The importance of consistency, producing engaging content, and making videos entertaining rather than purely ad-like is highlighted. They mention their success, hitting $100,000 this month, due to this strategy.
Key ideas:

  • Three posts a day on TikTok, Instagram reels, and YouTube shorts using the same untouched videos are advised for maximum engagement.
  • Using a website called Snap Tick is suggested to remove TikTok watermark before reposting the videos on other platforms.
  • Original content is crucial for being promoted by Instagram and YouTube’s algorithm.
  • A balance between copying what works and testing new ideas is necessary for success.
  • The first 1 to 2 seconds of a video is critical for viral potential.
  • Videos should be entertaining and the product should be showcased positively, not just made to look like an advertisement.

15:00: πŸŽ₯ The speaker discusses how to successfully market and sell products on Tik Tok, emphasizing the need for entertaining content. The speaker has achieved significant sales with this method and encourages others to follow these strategies. The speaker also appreciates the growing viewership on the YouTube channel and encourages comments, likes, and subscriptions.
Key ideas:

  • The speaker advises that products on Tik Tok should be marketed as entertaining content rather than just sales promotions.
  • The speaker has had success with this approach, making $100,000 in a month from a product.
  • The speaker has a YouTube channel with almost 100,000 subscribers.
  • He encourages viewers to like, subscribe and comment on his videos for more tips and strategies on selling products on social media platforms like Tik Tok.


What are some effective strategies to find viral products for dropshipping?

Identifying viral products on social media platforms, specifically TikTok, can be very effective. Hashtags such as #productsyouneed, #bestproducts2024, and #Amazonbest are particularly helpful.

How can we create successful content for social media?

Recreating viral videos with a unique touch and consistency in posting is key to success on social media. Post multiple times daily across different platforms.

What are some tips for building a one-product website?

Informative product descriptions, coupled with engaging features such as images, emojis, customer reviews, can enhance the appeal. In addition, offering discounts for multiple purchases can incentivize customers to buy more.

What should be kept in mind while reposting videos from TikTok?

Remember to remove the TikTok watermark before reposting videos on other platforms like Instagram and YouTube Shorts to maximize engagement.


TLDR: The commenters discuss different strategies for approaching dropshipping, with many recommending getting good products as soon as possible and using product search services like Winnerzila. Some viewers expressed concern and confusion about certain technical aspects, such as dealing with chargebacks, handling international money withdrawal, and the necessary steps for going viral on TikTok.
Negative: Some viewers voiced dissatisfaction about the lack of responses to their questions and the unclear explanation for certain issues such as the occurrence of chargebacks and the process of making viral videos. A few comments highlight the complexity of handling certain technical aspects from outside the US and the challenges faced by international dropshippers.
Positive: Many commenters praised the video for its useful tips and real advice about dropshipping. They expressed gratitude for the exposure of key information and found the video to be helpful.
Top comments:


Thanks bro for sharing this. My best tip for beginners in this business is to get good products as soon as possible. That’s like the backbone of this business, and for example my strategy is to use some product search services (there is many, but for me the best one is to use a bit of winnerzila. It’s cheap and having five fresh products per week is really powerful).

Posted: 4 days ago
Votes: 69


Great video with lots of useful tips. My best tip for new dropshippers is to get good winner products as soon as possible. That’s like the backbone of this business, and for example my strategy is to use some product search services (there is many, but for me the best one is to use a bit of winnerzila. Having five fresh products per week is really powerful).

Posted: 9 days ago
Votes: 49


Hello, My name is Isaiah, and I am 14 looking to get into dropshipping. My parents have jobs that require security, so they can’t be in charge of my account. Do you have any ideas on what I can do?

Posted: 9 days ago
Votes: 3


I like how these youtubers collect subs yet never reply to questions very ungrateful

Posted: 6 days ago (edited)
Votes: 3


I need some help with my shop. If you could get back to me thank you.

Posted: 9 days ago
Votes: 3


Thank you for the excellent video! We offer assistance to all dropshipping businesses on their path to success

Posted: 1 hour ago
Votes: 233


Just got your vid to 666 likes πŸ’€

Posted: 10 days ago
Votes: 2


Do i make a tik tok account personal or business if dropshipping from zendrop

Posted: 10 days ago
Votes: 2


What am i supposed to do if i cant get the product

Posted: 10 days ago
Votes: 2


Why do people order through the Shopify store with standard shipping if Amazon has them for $17 and 2 day shipping. Genuinely curious. I always check Amazon and they have things cheaper.

Posted: 6 days ago
Votes: 2


heelo bro advance congtralulation for 100k subsssss keep it upp

Posted: 4 days ago
Votes: 2


This video was real, no games or anything. Just real advice and instructions. Great video!

Posted: 7 days ago
Votes: 2


No issues? There were 12 chargebacks when you refreshed your Shopify dashboard!

Posted: 5 days ago (edited)
Votes: 2


Btw for the tiktok watermark thing, u just need to save the video while you are editing the video in your tiktok account. There is a save button and it just makes the process lot easier and the watermark doesn’t appear!

Posted: 6 days ago
Votes: 2


Thanks for the tips, Cam! I have a question. I live in Brazil and would like to drop around the world! in my case, how will I withdraw money of the gains I have?
Because I live in another country.

Posted: 6 days ago
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Thank for the tips cam, in fact you just exposed everything. Love you

Posted: 6 days ago
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Do you recommend passing to payed ads to scale after organics works πŸ’ͺ ❀

Posted: 10 days ago
Votes: 2


question, if im outside the US and i want to target US market do i have to use a VPN while using tiktok?

Posted: 6 days ago
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Hey brother one thing confirm me u said im making viral videos posting 2 to 3 times a day without paid ads .my doubt is about are u buying that product physically and making videos of it ?

Posted: 10 days ago
Votes: 1


bro u only profit 21k a month then

Posted: 7 days ago
Votes: 1


You guys don’t include the price of opening an llc for stripe and others stuff like in my case I must open an llc cause stripe is banned in my country+ I have to pay some body to make me organics cause if I wanted to order the product gonna take decades 😒 good luck for all oof ya❀ nice content bro

Posted: 10 days ago
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Hey how are you ,I’m very inspired from what you do ,im from South Africa,trying by all means to make money international, since theres no jobs this side ,even 1 dollar ,as a freelance would work,Thank you .

Posted: 5 days ago
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I also stealed videos but no one went viral

Posted: 5 days ago
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😭😭😭 why did india ban tiktok

Posted: 5 days ago
Votes: 1

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