Becoming a Millionaire with Dropshipping: A Journey from Scratch


TLDR: The speaker started a dropshipping store from scratch with zero dollars, leveraged TikTok and Instagram for free customer acquisition, faced challenges, and succeeded in reaching a sales figure of $2473 in a day, showing the potential in dropshipping.

Dropshipping Insights

Beginning the Dropshipping Journey

πŸš€ Beginning a dropshipping business requires persistence, patience, and dedication.
πŸ’‘ The speaker’s journey started from being a high school dropout to making over 1.5 million dollars in a year by the age of 21 through dropshipping.

Identifying a Winning Product

πŸ” The speaker spent considerable time on TikTok to find a unique product that would solve people’s problems and provide a good profit margin.

Building a Dropshipping Store

🌐 A Shopify store was created to sell the product and deliver it to customers.

Customer Acquisition without Paid Ads

πŸ“Š Using platforms like TikTok and Instagram for customer acquisition helped in cost-cutting on ads.

Importance of Content Creation

πŸ“ The creation of unique and story-based content on TikTok and Instagram was the prime strategy for attracting customers.

Facing Challenges

🎒 The journey was not smooth, it included days with zero sales which required pushing harder to achieve the goal.

Achieving Sales Goal

πŸ’Έ The ultimate goal was to reach $1000 in a single day, but the speaker surpassed it by making $2473 in the final day of the challenge.

Dropshipping Video Summary

00:00: πŸ’Ό The text discusses the author’s journey of becoming a millionaire through drop shipping by the age of 21, despite being a high school dropout. They stress that this achievement did not happen overnight but was the result of five years of dedicated hard work. They also highlight the key role a good product plays in the success of a drop shipping business, contrary to what many self-proclaimed gurus claim about the simplicity of drop shipping. The author promises to share their process transparently.
Key ideas:

  • The author became a millionaire through drop shipping by age 21
  • This success was the result of five years of hard work
  • The author emphasizes the importance of having a good product for a successful drop shipping business
  • The author promises to share the process of his drop shipping business transparently

01:27: πŸ’‘ The text discusses the strategy of identifying a product with high demand but limited supply on social media, in this case, TikTok. The product should have a good profit margin and make people’s lives easier. The author signals the potential for success when a product receives considerable engagement, despite a relatively low like-count. They build a website on Shopify with zero capital, initially relying on organic reach via TikTok and Instagram Reels instead of traditional paid advertising methods like Facebook Ads.
Key ideas:

  • The author uses social media, specifically TikTok, to identify products with high demand and limited supply.
  • The chosen product should have a good profit margin and serve to make people’s lives easier.
  • The author started an online business with zero capital, building a website on Shopify.
  • Organical reach via TikTok and Instagram Reels was used instead of classic paid advertising methods due to budget limitations.

02:58: πŸ’° The text describes a 30-day challenge to launch a product using social media content marketing. Despite no sales on the first two days, sales started on the third day. Posting content consistently on TikTok and Instagram resulted in fluctuating sales. More success was seen on Instagram reels which were getting thousands of views.
Key ideas:

  • The challenge to launch a product started on August 16th.
  • The first two days resulted in no sales.
  • The first sale occurred on the third day.
  • Content was consistently posted on TikTok and Instagram.
  • Instagram reels achieved more success with thousands of views.

04:20: πŸ“ˆ The text discusses the efforts and progress of growing a business and reaching sales targets. Desk sales improved steadily, with three trades netting $270 on the sixth day. This inspired a change in the content to more story-based, which turned out beneficial. The first week ended with $785.93, fostering optimism towards the venture growing to six-figure sales per month. The second week began strongly with $159 on the first day and $299 on the second. Overall, the brand had achieved over a thousand dollars in sales, with minimal advertising. Therefore, 75 percent of the revenue was profit.
Key ideas:

  • Three sales on the sixth day yielded $270
  • Sales for the first week totaled $785.93
  • The goal was to grow the brand to a six-figure monthly sales
  • The first day of the second week registered $159 in sales, and the second day saw $299
  • Over $1000 in sales had been achieved in the first days of the second week
  • No money was spent on ads, and thus, 75% of the revenue was retained as profit

05:51: πŸ’° During week two, sales increased significantly. An impressive sum of $364 was made on day four and a record-breaking $399 on day five. Despite not hitting the $1K a day goal, the total sales for the two-week period surpassed $2,700. The goal entering week three was to showcase that it is indeed possible to achieve substantial business success, despite the increased stress and challenges faced. Challenges were seen as an opportunity for the business to push harder.
Key ideas:

  • Week two saw a significant increase in sales, with a peak of $399 on day five
  • Total sales for the two-week period surpassed $2,700
  • Facing challenges and experiencing no sales for a day was seen as an opportunity for the business to push harder
  • Week two’s success in sales brought us 40% closer to our $1K a day goal

07:22: πŸ“Š The narrator describes the ups and downs of their online sales over a week. Despite a rough start with low sales and a refund, they saw improvements mid-week, with their highest day at $429 in sales. However, sales dropped again, ending the week with a total of $1159.
Key ideas:

  • Sales began low with one sale and one refund at the beginning of week three.
  • The lowest point was zero sales for a period of three days.
  • The store saw an improvement around day four and sales began to increase.
  • The highest sales day recorded $429.
  • The week ended with total sales of $1159.

08:53: πŸ“ˆ During week four of the sales cycle, the sales increased significantly, with revenue reaching over $604 and $889 on the first and second day respectively. A goal of achieving $1k per day was set. However, a dip in sales was experienced midway through the week despite receiving more views. Sales recorded were $494, $286, and $344 on the fourth, fifth, and sixth day respectively. On the seventh and final day of the week, a surprising surge in sales was observed, achieving $2,473 in sales, exceeding the set goal. This was attributed to a sudden spike in website traffic, possibly due to a popular TikTok video.
Key ideas:

  • Sales saw a significant increase during the start of week four.
  • A goal of $1k per day was set.
  • A decline in sales was witnessed midway through the week despite increased views.
  • A remarkable increase in sales was recorded on the seventh day, with sales amounting to $2,473.
  • A boost in website traffic was observed, possibly the result of a TikTok video.

10:31: πŸ’° The speaker has managed to earn $429 in a day without spending money on advertising by using organic posts on Tiktok. He achieved this by drop shipping with zero dollars. There were many inquiries regarding the creation of this content, its popularity on social media, and a request for a detailed tutorial. The speaker encourages viewers to comment if they want updates or tutorials. He also provided links for those who want to start drop shipping and thanked viewers for watching.
Key ideas:

  • The speaker made $429 in a day from organic Tiktok posts.
  • No money was spent on advertising.
  • The speaker managed to drop ship with zero dollars.
  • There was a high demand for a detailed tutorial.
  • Links for starting drop shipping were provided.

Dropshipping Q&A

Where did the speaker find a winning product to sell?

The speaker found the product on TikTok by browsing the hashtag ‘tiktok made me buy it’ and identifying a product that had demand but was not easily available for purchase.

How did the speaker attract customers without using paid ads?

The speaker used TikTok and Instagram reels to organically attract customers to the online store.

What was the ultimate sales goal and was it achieved?

The speaker aimed to make $1000 in a single day, which was not only achieved but surpassed, reaching $2473 on the last day of the challenge.

How significant was content creation in the speaker’s strategy?

Content creation was crucial in the speaker’s strategy. Engaging and story-based content was created on TikTok and Instagram, proving the importance of content volume for attracting customers.


TLDR: Commenters are discussing various aspects of a video about drop shipping; they question the legitimacy and veracity of the content creator’s $0 investment claim, seek clarity on the steps involved in drop shipping, including acquiring a Shopify plan, finding suppliers, shipping products, registration of a company, and promotion of products. They express frustrations about their lack of success in drop shipping, and some request a more detailed tutorial.
Negative: Most commenters express disbelief and dissatisfaction, grasping the video as nothing but bragging and lacking essential detail. They criticize the video as click bait and lament that the presenter doesn’t delve into the specifics of setting up a dropshipping business, with some suspecting that the positive comments are bought or manipulated.
Positive: Some viewers find the video creator’s positivity appealing and anticipate a more comprehensive video on the topic. A few viewers also appreciate the host’s sales figures, acknowledging that the model’s profitability is possible.
Top comments:


i love how positive he is.



He doesn’t even go into any detail this is click bait video. Either has a huge following on socal media or has a team working for him, or more likely, is not real. And most the commenters are way too positive for this bad video. they’re prob bought. Just saying the video is garbage you won’t learn Anything.



bro i have an doubt
-did you pay for an shopify plan and
-which website did you use for finding an supplier



for the people wondering he earned $10,145.93 in profit(Not including his domain price).



Don’t you have to pay for using the Shopify thing?



where did you find the product from and how did you ship them?



Im now like 6-7 months in drop shipping and a still didn’t make a single sale this guy was frustrated that he didn’t make 1000$ i one day on store opening day 😒



I’ve just watched 5 minutes of this you are wrong lmaoπŸ˜‚



yes , i want full video


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