Dolphin Anty vs GoBrowser: An Unbiased Comparison


In this Unbiased Comparison, we’ll assess the Dolphin Anty browser, a prominent player in the affiliate marketing space created in 2021 by Denis Zhitnyakov.
Anty Dolphin quickly gained popularity in the local ads community because it was created by an experienced marketer who understood the challenges affiliates face with ads on platforms like Facebook.
As stated on the Anty Dolphin main website page, it is targeted straight at these people.

Dolphin’s main website is clear, especially for affiliate marketers.
Dolphin’s main website is clear, especially for affiliate marketers.

Dolphin Anty Browser is an interesting product to review. It offers excellent features for those focused on paid traffic ads, also known as traffic arbitrage.
Is Dolphin Antidetect a worthwhile investment for 2024 work? Can we extend it to other work areas? Let’s delve deeper and compare it to GoBrowser!

Dolphin Anty – Features

Dolphin Anty’s primary strength lies in its niche-specific affiliate software, which boasts unique features. While we can’t cover all of them here, we’ll highlight the ones that caught our interest.

Social media automation

Dolphin Anty, also known as Anty Dolphin, dolphin{anty}, and even Anti Dolphin, specializes in paid traffic ads, providing optimization for running professional-level ads on platforms like Facebook. It features a unique tool for automatic Facebook Ad campaign running, ideal for affiliates looking to scale efficiently.
The automated ads feature alone comes at $99/month, excluding the browser’s cost. This is relatively disappointing, given Anty Dolphin’s already high price. We’ll touch on pricing later on.
Dolphin Browser antidetect features built-in no-code automation for social media. Users can create custom Dolphin Anty scenarios using blocks. While no-code automation is useful, there are no pre-made scenarios or a marketplace for purchasing them.

Creating a custom automation is curious, but it’s not straightforward for the average user. The Dolphin Anty API team may introduce pre-built scenarios in the future.
Creating a custom automation is curious, but it’s not straightforward for the average user. The Dolphin Anty API team may introduce pre-built scenarios in the future.

Mass profile actions

Dolphin excels at simplified tracking and efficient profile management. Even though most of the actions are not one-click, you can easily import, organize, and operate multiple profiles with mass actions.
You can customize proxies, statuses, and colors and handle cookies effortlessly with any amount of profiles. While Dolphin may initially seem complex, its high level of customization and logical design is why users love it.

While Dolphin Anty Proxy Manager might appear complex initially, long-time users often find it well-organized once they get used to it.
While Dolphin Anty Proxy Manager might appear complex initially, long-time users often find it well-organized once they get used to it.


Dolphin offers convenient team options, allowing easy sharing and transfer of profiles between accounts with specific permissions. However, it lacks folders for organizing profiles across multiple users or topics.
We found it strange for a multi-accounting browser to lack a folder system.

Dolphin Anty – Comfort Of Use

Creating a niche-specific app requires looking at it from a new user’s perspective. The Dolphin Anty panel has a relatively high entry level for new users, comparable to the AdsPower anti-detect browser. Learning how to use the Anty Dolphin browser workwise can be hard, so it’s a good idea to simplify the workflow.
This simple truth doesn’t always hold, as seen with Dolphin Anty Browser. Affiliates passionately endorse it, claiming it fulfills their longstanding needs. Users appreciate Dolphin for being “exactly as it is, clear and obvious” and consider this one of Dolphin’s key success factors.

We haven’t noticed any tooltips or first-run tutorial guides. The profile creation screen may overwhelm inexperienced users.
Opting for a Dolphin Anty download is a good choice for a very specific niche, provided you have a clear understanding and are ready to pay for it. While it may be overwhelming for beginners, as there are no guides or pop-up tutorials, its longstanding affiliate fan base praises its capabilities.

Dolphin Anty – Updates Frequency

The Dolphin team frequently issues app updates, accessible on their Telegram channel rather than the website. The Telegram channel also features numerous promotions and giveaways for users opting to download Anty Dolphin.
Some users claim that Dolphin Anty is more prone to crashes during long-time use compared to its alternatives. This could be a critical factor for users who operate with bigger business risks or need browser profiles to work 24/7.
We cannot verify these claims, though. Dolphin(anty) passes checkers just like most other anti-detect browsers, and this solution is popular for business multi-accounting in the CIS. It provides stable user agents and unique browser fingerprints and hides your IP address via proxy. So, Dolphin is suitable for personal private browsing, just like other alternatives.

Dolphin Anty – Support Quality

Originally developed for the Russian-speaking community, Dolphin has gained global traction, with a significant user base in Europe, Brazil, and other regions. The Dolphin team provides reliable English support.

The app’s English translation is fine, but for some reason, some messages appear in Russian. Also, the app includes a dark mode.
The app’s English translation is fine, but for some reason, some messages appear in Russian. Also, the app includes a dark mode.

Although there’s an English blog with usage guides, there’s no documentation for some reason. Therefore, queries often lead users to live support chat. While the support team communicates effectively in English, some users claim that response times can be quite long.
It is fair to mention that Dolphin suffered a significant user data leak in July 2022, impacting about 15% of all profiles. This incident resulted in substantial damage, leading to the loss of funds from personal crypto accounts for many users.

The official Telegram announcement from the Dolphin team about the user data loss.
The official Telegram announcement from the Dolphin team about the user data loss.

With all fair respect, the Dolphin Anty team fully compensated many users for losses post-leak, showcasing their commitment. At GoBrowser, we believe users shouldn’t have to even consider the risks of data leaks and downtime when investing in business software.

GoBrowser Browser is the best Dolphin Anty alternative

Unlike Dolphin Anty Browser, GoBrowser is a more universal, user-friendly app suitable for individuals and teams of any size. Let’s quickly explore GoBrowser, compare it to Dolphin Anty, and examine their pricing.

GoLogin’s main screen
GoBrowser’s main screen

GoBrowser Features and Comfort of Use

GoBrowser excels in user experience with its intuitive and well-designed minimalist interface. Managing multiple profiles is effortless, with one-click actions like creating new profiles or importing proxies in bulk.
Experienced users commend GoBrowser for its clean design, free from unnecessary details. It allows users to focus by displaying only the essential information.

There’s an informative side panel for Quick profile settings that allows for quick changes.
While GoBrowser is focused on advanced safety for managing multiple accounts, its user-friendly design ensures new users won’t accidentally mess the settings up. Most of the critical settings are automatic, so less technical users can navigate effortlessly.
GoBrowser is often used by professional marketing agencies, as it streamlines collaboration for large teams. With features like team permissions, profile sharing, and folders, GoBrowser eliminates the need for password management and verifications, enabling remote team members to share work easily.

GoBrowser Support Quality

GoBrowser prioritizes top-level support with a responsive customer service team that addresses user requests promptly. The team actively seeks and considers client feedback for future updates and new features.
Client reviews frequently highlight GoBrowser’s effective issue resolution, citing responsive live support chat and timely app updates as key contributors.

GoBrowserUpdates Frequency

The GoBrowser team updates the app frequently enough to keep user data safe and avoid detection problems. The app updates automatically, requiring no extra actions from users. Clients commend its stable 24/7 operation without crashes.
Users name the stability factor (and not the price!) as the key factor in switching to GoBrowser from Dolphin Anty.

If needed, users can choose older Chrome core versions for work without downloading or installing anything.
Let’s move on to the final part of the comparison: pricing plans.

Dolphin Anty vs GoBrowser – Pricing

Free plans and free trial periods

Both Anty Dolphin and GoBrowser provide forever-free plans and free trials for premium features. Dolphin’s free plan is more generous, offering 10 free profiles compared to GoBrowser’s 3.
On the other hand, GoBrowser offers a longer trial period: 7 days of paid features trial against only 4 days with Dolphin.

Paid plans

Business software pricing, especially at the enterprise level, is purely a numbers game. Let’s delve into paid plans and figures, focusing on several usage scenarios. Primarily, we’ll explore monthly payment options, but also touch on yearly payment discounts.

Dolphin Anty Browser’s pricing page
Dolphin Anty Browser’s pricing page

Personal use

Dolphin Anty’s first paid plan (Base, 100 profiles) costs $89 per month with an additional $10 per team seat. In comparison, GoBrowser’s equivalent plan (Professional) doesn’t include team options, but it costs $49/month, which is almost twice as cheap.
GoBrowser offers a 50% discount for annual payments, while Dolphin only offers a 20% discount for a 6-month subscription.

Team use

Dolphin’s team plans (Team and Enterprise with 300 and 1000 profiles) cost $159 and $299/month, respectively. This is pretty expensive business software.
Surprisingly, Dolphin Anty’s team plans don’t include team seats. Each team member incurs an extra $20, which appears unfair given the price level. We believe pricing pages need to be as transparent as possible: users want to be treated fairly.
In contrast, GoBrowser’s team plans (Business and Enterprise with 300 and 1000 profiles) are more cost-effective, priced at $99 and $199, respectively. These plans include 10 and 20 team seats. Even without the yearly subscription discount, GoBrowser is nearly twice as cheap as its competitors.

GoBrowser pricing page
GoBrowser pricing page

We probably know why the price difference is so serious. According to our faithful clients who have used both Dolphin Anty and GoBrowser for a long time, most of the Dolphin users stay on a free plan or a promo subscription, not really paying for it. This might be one of the reasons for such a high price level.
To sum up, GoBrowser offers a fair and balanced pricing structure with a commendable price-to-quality ratio. We recommend assessing your budget and determining the value you are willing to pay for the software you’re planning to earn with.

Dolphin Anty Browser vs GoBrowser: Recap

Although we have mentioned many factors and points, the comparison boils down to one crucial factor: assessing your specific needs. Knowing your direction with privacy browsers simplifies the decision-making process.
Still, we prepared several questions to guide your decision-making:

  1. How many browser profiles do you need to run?
  2. Will you need to share work with partners?
  3. How much are you ready to invest in a work tool?
  4. What is the tool’s reputation? What do reviews and forums say?
  5. Can you test it for free? If so, what fits you best?

In conclusion, we’ve created a brief pros and cons chart for you to conduct a fair comparison.


Dolphin Anty is a Russian-made antidetect browser tailored for the local affiliate market involved in Facebook traffic arbitrage. This article reviews Dolphin Anty and compares it to GoBrowser as a better alternative.

Yes, you can. Dolphin Anty offers promotions and deals for users, so check their social media or contact support for details. We believe the Dolphin antidetect browser is extremely expensive and can be used only with a good promo deal.

No, you can’t. Dolphin Anty browser download is available only for desktop systems, including a Dolphin Anty Linux version, but we haven’t tested it. GoBrowser is the only antidetect browser that offers a full-scale Android app and a web cloud version.

Yes, but it’s not as optimized as GoBrowser for this purpose. Dolphin is designed for paid traffic affiliates with specialized tools, which come at a higher cost compared to GoBrowser.

We are not sure. The browser for multilogin Dolphin Anty is pretty popular in the CIS area but has a shady reputation for us. We recommend checking real user reviews (not written by the vendor team) and looking at what other people use in online communities and groups.

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