Check if your browser has a unique fingerprint with Amiunique

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AmIUnique is an innovative online tool crafted to unveil the distinctive identifiability of your browser on the vast landscape of the internet. It employs a diverse set of browser attributes to craft a digital fingerprint, shedding light on the level of uniqueness and potential traceability associated with your browser.

AmIUnique functions by gathering an array of data from your browser during your visit to the site. This data encompasses details about your browser type, version, operating system, screen resolution, time zone, and more. Through a meticulous analysis of these attributes, AmIUnique assesses the extent of your browser’s uniqueness in comparison to others.

AmIUnique stands out in browser fingerprinting, leveraging an extensive set of parameters to construct a detailed fingerprint. It captures information about your User Agent, HTTP_ACCEPT Headers, Browser Plugin Details, Time Zone, Screen Resolution and Depth, System Fonts, and beyond. This comprehensive data collection establishes UniqueFingerprint as a reliable and effective tool for browser fingerprinting.

Primarily positioned as an educational tool, AmIUnique aims to heighten awareness about browser fingerprinting and online privacy. The insights it offers empower individuals to comprehend the potential traceability of their browsers on the internet, enabling them to take proactive steps to bolster their privacy.

While achieving complete prevention of AmIUnique’s browser fingerprinting capabilities may pose a challenge due to its extensive data extraction, certain measures can heighten resistance. Privacy-oriented browser add-ons, JavaScript disabling, and regular clearing of cookies and other stored site data are recommended. However, it’s crucial to note that these actions may impact the functionality of specific websites.