About Gobrowser

What we do

Gobrowser is a sophisticated tool designed to protect and manage your online identity by altering your digital fingerprint. It effectively disguises your online parameters, allowing you to simulate a genuine internet identity. This is particularly useful for evading anti-fraud mechanisms.

With Gobrowser, you can efficiently create and maintain numerous profiles, each with its unique digital fingerprint. This ensures that these profiles do not intersect, preventing websites from banning your accounts. This feature is incredibly beneficial for a variety of online activities.

Other features:

This software elevates affiliate marketing, making it more profitable and efficient. It simplifies the process of farming and multi-accounting, making these tasks effortless. Additionally, GoBrowser facilitates team collaboration, enabling you to share account information and proxies securely, and assign tasks to team members without risking data breaches.

Forums and blogs often monitor for unusual user activities and share blacklists. If your IP appears on these lists, you risk being banned across multiple platforms. GoBrowser addresses this issue by ensuring that each of your profiles is distinct and unconnected.

GoBrowser is also an invaluable asset for SMM agencies. It allows for the creation and management of unlimited profiles in the cloud, with customizable access rights for each team member. This negates the need for non-disclosure agreements, as employees do not access customer account data directly. The software’s ability to generate unique digital fingerprints prevents account bans when logging in from different devices. Moreover, its automation features support mass following, liking, and other actions.

For e-commerce, GoBrowser enables the safe operation of multiple distinct accounts. This is crucial for platforms like Amazon, Ebay, Alibaba, or Shopify, as it helps avoid sales disruptions and account suspensions.

GoBrowser’s advanced digital fingerprint settings provide an additional layer of security for your online stores, ensuring they remain unaffected by bans from e-commerce platforms. This way, you can effectively double your sales and income without the fear of losing your business.

Gobrowser in the news

“GoBrowser is an incredible platform. Everything you would be needing is here. They have nice support, decent pricing plans, they also offer a 7-day free trial. The software is easy to use as well. So, what are you waiting for? Grab GoBrowser Now.” — Affiliate Bay

“Compared to regular browsers, GoBrowser is a clear winner. Its affordable prices for purchasing hundreds of accounts are a huge advantage for users. Switching between profiles takes just a few simple clicks, saving time while working online.” — VC

“The GoBrowser service has revolutionized the concept of multi-accounting. This software was developed to streamline the transition between different profiles. Now, switching doesn’t require entering new data or opening another browser window.” — proxys.io